Aww, Poor Hello Kiffin, Everyone Is Picking On Him

So it looks like couple of columnists have risen up in defense of Hello Kiffin.  Rick Reilly on tWWL has just penned a column defending the poor, misunderstood, sweet Hello Kiffin. Not surprisingly his column is riddled with full of myths and information. We will start with this Kiffin/Trojan spin re. his communication with former Trojan great Jeff Fisher, who is in the middle of the storm re. the lawsuit between the Titans and the Trojans:

When I asked Kiffin if he'd patched it up with Fisher, he said, "Yeah, I think he has a better understanding of what happened."

Guess Rick Reilly is not reading his own website. Per Paul Kuharsky of, Fisher called "Kiffin's take on filing of lawsuit 'absurd'" (emphasis added throughout):

Told Kiffin had suggested that Fisher softened his stance, Fisher responded with a dumbfounded expression.

"Softened my stance? Um, no," Fisher said. "What happened happened ... I had one conversation with him, Saturday."

Again, keep in mind here Fisher is a Trojan alum.  Riley comes up with a clever line about the lawsuit being "phonier than Tori Spelling." That is all comforting to read for Trogan brain surgeons but not so fan when actual legal analysts weigh in:

Dan Lazaroff, director of the Sports Law Institute at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, has read the complaint and said the Titans could have a case.

"The question is what, if anything, they will recover," Lazaroff said. "And even if they recover nothing, this doesn't do much for the reputation of Lane Kiffin and USC. It definitely could be an embarrassment."

Kiffin then spun Riley:

"It's about where the lawsuit is located."

Well, we will let the former Trojan alum respond to Hello Kiffin's "absurd" argument:

"I didn't see the comments but I heard there were some comments to the effect that this may have been a geographic issue. That was brought to my attention," Fisher said. "That's absurd. I mean, we're talking about two different entities here.

"We're talking about an NFL team and an action that took place last weekend and a whole different set of circumstances that took place months ago surrounding a tremendous educational institution in the University of Tennessee. So they are two completely different issues, and how one could combine the two is absurd to me."

Reilly than advances the absurd argument about the head coaching job at scandal ridden Southern Cal being some kind of plum gig:

Who would leave a fairly new job to take a much better job and better pay at the place you love more than any place in the world? You, me and everybody we know. That's who.

Well, not really Rick.  Names of at least half dozen coaches such as Mike Riley, Steve Mariucci, John Gruden, Jeff Fisher (yes that Fisher), Jack Del Rio, and Steve Sarkasian popped up during the desperate FAILED Trojan head coaching search, when Cheatey Petey ran to Seattle. Yes, multiple Trojan alums gave Mike Garrett the Heisman, before he and the Trojan higher up threw a boat load of cash at a loser who has a .363 career winning percentage. Speaking of Trojan brass, that brings me to this myth forwarded by Riley about Haden having nothing to do with Kiffin's hiring at Southern Cal:

I don't know. USC has a new no-bull president (Max Nikias), who didn't hire him, and a new no-bull AD (Pat Haden), who didn't hire him. And they both want to keep the NCAA as far from campus as possible.

Try again, Rick. If you do slight research you will find Ethical Pat was one of the key figures responsible for hiring of the ultimate sleazebag in college football.

Apparently Rick Riley is not alone. Apparently T.J. Simers have risen up in defense of Hello Kiffin (as usual no link for losers trolling for cheap hits from UCLA fans). That should make everyone here feel really really good. After all it was Simers, who defended Karl Dorrell till the last day, and instantly declared war against Rick Neuhiesel.  

So all we can say to Riley and Simes. Keep on trucking guys. Keep writing: Fight on Lane!


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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