2010 UCLA Pre-Season Football Camp: 8-14 Morning Practice Notes

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

Random notes from this morning's practice:

- Chris Ward. Big, big boy. Missed him when I went to the last practice, but saw him today for the first time and I was impressed. He's got a gut, but not a sloppy when a person is big, but not flabby....The below photo is him walking next to Wade Yandall....check it out:


IMG_1597 (via Scotucla)

More photo, notes, and a short video after the jump.

- Also got my first view of Casey Griffiths (#67) ... also a big boy. #58 is listed as Smauel Saultz and #78 is Brett Downey:

- Anthony Barr. Continues to impress. Took some reps with the first team at the F Back position. He was also back on KR THAT is interesting....Not sure we want him in that position, but I'd sure hate to have to tackle him with a full head of steam if he does.

- Dietrich Riley. Man, this kid HITS. Period. He laid a smack on Taylor Embree that knocked him down. Dude doesn't appear to have any fear. I would love to see him and Rahim as the safeties.....Riley providing the 'wood' and Rahim ball-hawking. No slight against Tony Dye, but he seems to never really stand out during practices that I've seen (admittedly infrequent). I don't think Riley redshirts.

- Josh Smith was suited up, but didn't practice. Was jogging and catching machine passes, but he's pretty good-sized.

- Jordan James, Pat Larimore, Reggie Stokes and Jeff Baca didn't practice.

- Jordan Zumwalt. I saw him the other day and made the comment that he probably redshirts to put on some weight. He wasn't in pads when I made that comment and I think I may have been wrong. I saw him next to Akeem and I must say, they weren't that much different in overall size. Maybe not MLB big, but I think he could pass for an OLB this year.....assuming he knows the defense, of course. I saw him make at least one stop today, so...? He also covered Marvray pretty well on one play in 7 on 7's.

- Malcolm Jones continues to impress. He just seems to have great lateral control/movement for a guy his size. Make no mistake, he is NOT going to be redshirted so his body can mature. Dude is stacked already. He is impressive when he gets around the DE....I'm really, really looking forward to the mayhem he's going to cause in other teams' secondaries.....They were practicing with their backs to the crowd, so we were able to see almost first person (where the RB is looking) and he just seems to have a natural feel for where the creases and openings are....

- Cassius Marsh looked like he was in with the twos on the DL. Don't think he redshirts either.

- Owa. Got a better, up close look at him today and he might just be my favorite player in this class. He walked out and a guy had his kid there. He stopped, gave his helmet to the kid, who looked it over inquisitively while Owa watched and pointed out the finer features.....then held his hand up for the kid to give him an emphatic high five. I know all the guys do it, but it was one of those extended interactions that you know isn't just an obligation. Anyhow, I just can't explain how physically complete Owa is. Huge, rock solid calves, big guns and just built like a brick sh*thouse through and through.

- Glenn Love had a great 'pick' of a bobbled shuffle pass that he snatched out of the air. Sheldon Price also had a great effort pick where he broke up the play and kept after the tipped ball to haul it in.

- 1st Team LB corps so far is Ayers, Sloan & Westgate. Larimore was held out today, but still not sure if he takes over for Sloan quite yet. Westgate helped his cause though with a nice pick of Brehaut in 7's. 

- Franklin and Coleman split first team reps today, with Jones getting quite a few with the twos.

- Lastly, I haven't seen Kai kick a FG yet in two practices. He's around, but the young guys are taking all the reps. Not as impressive a day from the punting POV and the FG kicking was still hit and miss...overall, I think we'll be fine though.

Short video....not as long as last time:

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