Bruins in the NFL - Training Camp Edition

With the NFL's exhibition schedule now underway, it seems a good time to provide a update as to the Bruins currently in NFL training camps. The official site does have a listing of football alumni currently on NFL rosters, but has not been updated to reflect the latest Bruin-related player moves. As of the past weekend, the current Bruins in camp are as follows:

Player Pos Team
Bruce Davis LB 49ers
Kahill Bell RB Bears
Brian Price DT Bucs
Matt Ware S Cardinals
Korey Bosworth DE Lions
Brandon Chillar LB Packers
Spencer Havner TE/LB Packers
Terrence Austin WR Redskins
Chris Horton S Redskins
Logan Paulsen TE Redskins
Chris Kluwe P Vikings
Matt Willis WR Broncos
Kenyon Coleman DL Browns
Maurice Jones-Drew RB Jaguars
Marcedes Lewis TE Jaguars
Kyle Bosworth LB Jaguars
Bret Lockett S Patriots
Matt Slater WR Patriots
Chane Moline FB Raiders
Brendon Ayanbadejo LB Ravens
Dave Ball DE Titans
Alterraun Verner CB Titans

Some players on this list have seen their NFL careers discussed in great detail on this site (like MJD), while Brian Price and ATV have seen their post-draft and early training camp exploits documented.  A few notes on the latest changes with the Bruins seeking a roster spot below.

Since the official site provided its last update, there have been three changes to the ranks of active Bruin NFL'ers, including two Bruin veterans. Ryan Boschetti was released by the Raiders in late July. He had been a Raider on multiple occasions over the past couple of years, as well as a member of the Redskins from 2004-08. As noted by antipimp last week, the 49ers signed Bruce Davis to compete for a Linebacker spot opened by a season-ending knee injury suffered by MLB Scott McKillop. He showed some good signs in the 49ers exhibition victory over the Colts last weekend; let's hope that is just the first of many games for Bruce in San Francisco.

While Brian Price and ATV have gotten much of the BN love among this year's Bruin rookies, there are 5 other Bruins looking for their first taste of professional football.

The latest change in NFL Bruindom comes from Detroit, where yesterday the Lions signed Korey Bosworth. It is obviously too soon make an informed prediction on his role with the team, though people on the Lions SBN blog see him more as roster filler or a practice squad candidate than as an active roster contender.

Continuing with the Bosworth clan, Kyle Bosworth joined MJD and Marcedes Lewis in Jaguars training camp as an rookie free agent signee. A pre-camp defensive preview by Big Cat Country has Kyle as one of five linebackers competing for a final two or three depth positions in the Jaguars LB corp.

The Oakland Raiders signed Chane Moline as a rookie free agent, who entered training camp as part of a 4-player battle for the reserve fullback slot on the Raider roster - with the returning starter serving the remainder of a steroid suspension in September, the last player standing gets to begin the season as the Raiders' starting FB.

Terrence Austin has been turning heads in the Redskins camp, among the coaching staff as well as the bloggers following the team. An active roster spot is never a sure thing for a 7th round draft pick, but his performance in Redskins Park has given his stock a boost, the question becoming whether he will start the season on the active roster returning kicks, or on the practice squad. In addition to TA, the Redskins have a second rookie Bruin in camp, Logan Paulsen. Logan joined the 'Skins as a rookie free agent, and is competing for the 3rd (blocking) TE spot on the roster. Have not heard much about his camp performance, but reports from his first preseason game were positive.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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