[Update] Who Do You Root For In College Football Besides UCLA?

Don't think we have ever done a thread like this on Bruins Nation. We have done thread on our favorite baseball teams. I think it's pretty clear (sorry NorCal Bruins) which is our favorite NBA team. It will be interesting do an open thread on which is our favorite NFL team. I am guessing we are going to get different responses to that question.

What would be interesting to hear from everyone is who else besides UCLA do you root for in college football? Yeah, I realize no way you are going to root for another team with the kind of emotional investment you already have in the Bruins. But during Saturdays, I am guessing there are certain teams we are always pulling for.

So if you can, let's open this thread up. Can you name three other teams  besides UCLA you pull for on Saturday? Here are mine. I got four:

  • Michigan Wolverines: For regular readers this shouldn't be a surprise. I almost went there. Love the Wolverines and admired those helmets from the days going back to Bo Schembechler. If Ann Arbor was somewhere close to the coast, it would have been more then tempting to worship the Maze n Blue. There are so many similarities between UCLA and Michigan (well except for the weather and our coeds), I can write posts after posts on that topic. For now though, I will just say: Go Blue.
  • Alabama: I have written about my 2001 roadtrip to Alabama few times. For the same reasons - simplicity of their uniform, helmets (just like PSU) - I always enjoyed watching the Crimson Tide on TV. Then, I got to interact with their fans in person and it was simply amazing. Their fans offline are just as classy and gracious as their fans online. I also really liked rooting for the football team led by Gene Stallings, who came across to me as one of the classiest guy in college football. So yeah, Roll Tide Roll.
  • Notre Dame: Yeah, I get it many hate them. They have their own TV deal. They are like the Yankees of college football. That is all fine with me. The enemy of Southern Cal is friend of UCLA. Really that simple. I still wish we had a chance to take them on with a good coach. Perhaps CRN and DG will find a way to get them on our schedule in near future. They do owe us for playing them with the Law Firm at QB spot. Still the fanbase that (I say almost) despises the Trogans almost as much as we do, I'd say Go Irish.
  • Florida State: Guess I lost track a bit. AllHailMightyBruins pointed out that I listed three while mentioning four teams. Not sure why I did it but I left out the 'Noles. In the late 80s while becoming a CFB fan I instantly became an FSU fan because I hated Jimmy Johnson's Canes. I loved their helmets with Tomahawks on them. I loved watching the offense run by Peter Tom Willis, Casey Weldon and Danny Kanell, Dexter Carter, Amp Lee, and William Floyd. Back during those days the 'Noles were essentially serving a RB feeders into Niners' WCO. I also love the chant coming out of that stadium in Tallahassee. I still root for FSU because well I still don't like Canes and not a big fan of the Gators either. 

So who do you got? What teams you like rooting for when you are not watching the four letters? This ought to be a fun thread.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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