Austin - Where to Eat and Drink

Austin - Where to Eat and Drink

Have lunch /drinks/ happy hour, or dinner at Hula Hut on Friday. This is an Austin staple. It’ll be packed Saturday and Sunday so Friday is your best bet. Mexican Food and Margaritas on the water.

Friday Night

Guero’s Awesome Mexican Food. On South Congress

Vespaio Italian and also on South Congress

The Continental Club Good bar you can go to after Guero’s or Vespaio. Live music.

Moonshine This place is awesome. Comfort Food. Make a reservation.  303 Red River

Iron Works BBQ Bad Ass BBQ. 100 Red River

Stubbs BBQ BBQ & Live Music. Also have a Gospel Brunch. 801 Red River  (The Black Crowes are playing there Saturday Night)

Taverna Italian on 2nd & Lavaca

Shady Grove Comfort Food. 2nd to Moonshine but has awesome outdoor patio. 1624 Barton Springs

Trudy’s Home of the Mexican Martini. Great Mexican and great bar. Expect to wait for a large group. 409 W 30

Iron Cactus On 6th Street. Three Level Mexican restaurant with a rooftop patio overlooking 6th. Walking distance from your hotel.

Huts 807 West 6th Best Burger in town.

Texadelphia Cheese Steaks and Queso. It is located on the drag. They serve the best cheesesteak known to man. Get yours with Mustard Blend. Good for lunch before the game or on Sunday

Screaming Goat Tacos y cerveza

Taco Joint breakfast tacos

Ciscos Best breakfast in Austin. 1511 E 6th

Juan and a Million Man v. Food did an episode here. Hole in the wall Mexican open for breakfast or lunch. 2300 Cesar Chavez

Magnolia breakfast served 24 hours a day 2304 Lake Austin Blvd


There are three areas to go out downtown.

6th Street. Your hotel is in the middle of 6th. It is the historic district that everyone thinks of when they think of Austin. Bars are packed with college kids and tourists. Go to Cheers Shot Bar, Touche (Famous  for Flaming Dr. Peppers), Maggie Mays (rooftop patio), Thirsty Nickle.

West 6th. This is 6th street west of Nueces. Little bit older crowds at these bars. Mostly young professionals and not college kids or tourists. Star Bar (one of my top 5 bars), J Blacks (another top 5), The Belmont (Top 5).

4th Street. Cedar Street has live music and an open courtyard below street level, Fado Irish Pub, 6 Lounge, Lavaca Street Bar.

There are so many good places to go I thought I would tell you what I would do if I only had 48 hours in Austin.


Late lunch and drinking at Hula Hut

Dinner at Moonshine or Shady Grove

Go to 6th to experience the craziness. I’d go to Touche and get the flaming Dr. Peppers, Then to Maggie Mays. Around midnight head to West 6th and go to Star Bar, The Belmont, or J Blacks. End your night with pizza on the street (Ropolo’s) or eating from a catering bus.



Breakfast a Cisco’s

Go to Texadelphia if you are going to eat lunch before the tailgate. Texadelphia is on the drag on campus. You can walk from Texadelphia through campus to the stadium

Taligating – besides your parking spot, walk around and check out the scene. Go to Schoultz’s. It’s a must on game day and the center of all tailgating.

Post Game – Go back to Schoultz’s or hit a bar on 6th.

Dinner – Guero’s or Iron Cactus.

Post Diner  - check out Cedar Street and then head to West 6th again.


Eat Texadelphia if you did not make it there on Saturday. Cheese Steak w/ mustard blend, Queso w/ chips, and lemonade will cure any hangover.

If you did have Texasdelphia, go to brunch at The Belmont or Gospel Brunch at Stubbs. Or you can grab breakfast  from any of the Taco Stands.


Blue and Gold take over 6th Street when we take down the Burnt Orange.  Go Bruins!

Hope this helps


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