[Update x3] Is Norm Chow Gone From UCLA?

(Former?) Offensive coordinator Norm Chow of the UCLA Bruins watches warm ups. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Other websites are reporting that UCLA Offense Coordinator Norm Chow has cleared out his desk and is gone (also here pointing to the reporting of Bruin Report Online).  This has yet to be verified by the traditional media or UCLA so check back here later today for updates. 

If Chow is gone it will mean UCLA is looking for a Defensive and Offensive Coordinator. Chow came into Westwood with a lot of fanfare. Yet during his time as UCLA's offensive coordinator, Bruin offense has been largely ineffective. To be fair he had to deal with severe injury issues at QB and at OL positions but the numbers on the field were ugly. UCLA's offenses were ranked 111th, 88th, 100th, respectively in 08, 09, and 10. The scoring averages in those three seasons were 17.67 (109th), 22.00 (94th), 20.17 (104th).

UCLA's offense's quagmire during Chow's tenure has been a heated topic of discussion here on BN. So if Chow and UCLA indeed part ways, Neuehisel will have dataponts to justify the decision. More importantly, for UCLA fans next year there will be no doubt who will need to be held accountable if there is no discernible improvement in our offensive production in Westwood.

A lot more can be said about Chow and we will keep you posted with more information as it becomes available.  Please feel free to post your thoughts on Chow and the likely move.

UPDATE (A): From FootballScoop:

UCLA: There is a report that Norm Chow is out at offensive coordinator.  The Bruin Report Online reports that Rich Neuheisel has contacted San Diego State offensive coordinator Al Borges.  FootballScoop has yet to confirm this information, but Neuheisel has indicated for weeks that Chow may not return. 

As soon as this is confirmed we will post links. If you guys hear or read anything, make sure to post links in the comment threads or if needed fanshot or fanpost it.

UPDATE II (M): Official response:

Football. Head coach Rick Neuheisel has made no new decisions on offensive staff. Norm Chow still with program and in staff meeting.

UPDATE IIII (DC): Okay now the traditional media is denying.  The fishwrap story entitled UCLA football: Norm Chow still Bruin offensive coordinator -- for now is here.  More interestingly Jon Gold writes:

"From what I've been told, Norm Chow's office has not been cleaned out, there are still pictures all in his office, and he was in a staff meeting this morning. Attempts to reach both Chow and his agents have not been successful." 

And later: "There has been a lot of speculation about potential hires, but as I've written, Rick Neuheisel is waiting to see how some things play out over the next several days before making any decisions. There already appears to be a chain-reaction taking place at several colleges and even in the NFL ranks, and Neuheisel is in a good position with his wait-and-see approach."

As we said earlier, this may take a while to fully play out.

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