Set Sail or Stay with CRN and Fail

What we need is a jump start to the program.  CRN isn't cutting it.  I've defended him to family and friends (even after Houston), but I feel we need to go a different direction.

What we need is someone that can take whatever scraps are left of this program and flip it quickly into something respectable.  I think that guy is none other than Mike Leach.

I did a lot of research last night and this morning and here's some interesting points of discussion.

The man has never coached a a losing season.  Not one.

CRN has coached two '08 and '10 we need to rebound quickly and Leach is the guy to do it.  He won 84 games at Texas Tech which is considered the 3rd team in Texas (kinda like Cal here).  Not only did this guy win and beat Texas and Oklahoma several times, but he did it with the 8th largest budget in the conference.

His offense was ranked in the top 10 in scoring and total offense 8 years in a row.

This is what the guy is most often known for.  His teams always put up big numbers, but what is incredible is the consistency.  7 Different QBs under his tenure, all in the top 10 in passing stats.

The guy can win the big game.

We need someone in here that can beat the Trojans, put Stanford back in their place after Jesus Luck leaves.  Leach beat Oklahoma 3 of the last 5 years he coached at Texas Tech and also knocked off Texas when they were #1.   I remember him smashing Cal when they were all high on themselves at #4 at the Holiday bowl.   In state rival Texas A&M (which I think is supposed to be good, but apparently looks like we caught what they have) he was 5-2 against the last seven years.  Leach doesn't seem like the kind of guy whose afraid of anybody and that's what we need. I'm sure he would definitely take some jabs at Kiffen.


He did all of this with scrub recruits really.  I don't know much about Lubbock (that's where Texas Tech is), but from the photos on the internets.....

it doesn't seem to be "prime" recruiting incentive.  If he had access to Southern California talent with his schemes we very well might contend to win the PAC with the quackheads and trees, and really that's what our goals should be, not seeing how many times we can run it up the middle and get stuffed.

"But what about Defense?"


His defense his last year was ranked #47 his last year (this could easily be improved with the right DC hire) so that is somewhat of a concern, but really I'm sure he could get somebody that could do the job. Maybe former UCF now LB coach at Wisconsin Dave Huxtable.  They completely dismantled Nebraska this this weekend.  He has DC experience at UCF who has had a top 10 defense the past 3 years because of him.

We need some excitement.

Leach with his sound bites, quarky nature, and pirate shenanigans would be very refreshing from our stuff "Well the other team is a magnificent specimen of epic proportions it is impossible that we could stop them, but we are getting better and will reap the benefits in 2018" attitude we have right now.

The Pirate apparently also likes Academics... a lot

Leach boasted one of the highest graduation rates out of any school turning Texas Tech from the very bottom to the very top in graduation rates.  We all know how great the academics are at UCLA, all we need now is the coach that brings us success on the field as well as in the classroom, and Leach looks to be the guy.


Craig James, his kid, ESPN and the Lawsuits

It's pretty much common knowledge that it was a setup to get the guy fired.  They were going to have to pay him 2.5 Million plus a year.   Craig James wanted his son to play more.   Leach didn't think he should.  Craig James and son setup Leach, ESPN takes the bait and runs story.  Texas Tech administration uses it as excuse to fire him so they don't have to pay. It's supposedly all in his book with affidavits and documentation.  I haven't read it, but I'm putting it on my kindle today,

All that stuff will eventually blow over, and I think we should use it to negotiate a cheap salary with Leach since we would be the school giving him a second chance.  I'm sure he would jump at the chance for 1 M to be the Captain of Westwood.

CRN I tried

What can I say... I tried again and again to support him.  Even through last year and the loss to SC.. even after Houston for crying out loud, but after getting routed AGAIN by the trees AGAIN and embarrassed on television AGAIN. I'm officially off the CRN apologist bandwagon and will be boarding a new ship hopefully setting sail in 2012.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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