Urgent: Season Ticket Holders on Bruins Nation Needed for Fox Sports Interview

Hey, Bruins Nation, we need your input.   We were contacted by a writer from FoxSports who is writing an article on the current crisis with U.C.L.A. football, and she is looking for several season ticket holders from Bruins Nation for a 10 minute phone interview to discuss your thoughts regarding our football program.

If you are interested in getting your voice out there, please just reply here in this thread.  I will contact you through the email you registered at BN, and will forward your email to her and you two and arrange a time to talk.  Please let me know if you prefer that I include your BN username or your real name.  This is a good opportunity for us to get our voices heard on a mainstream platform.  We won't tell you in any way how to respond.  This is your chance to get your own opinions out there.

Here is the request we received, so you can see the details.

I am doing a write-up this week for the "grass roots" movement going on at UCLA to protest the AD and head coach situations at the school. I am a fan of because more than anything else, your readers are very astute when it comes to analyzing the Bruins' problems with level heads and calmness.

I have the go-ahead from my editor at to feature the "crisis" going on at the school. This article will be complete with artwork by's Art Department—this will not be a little newser on the side.

Here is what I need from you: Several interviews via phone that will last about ten minutes from season ticket holders—their voices are the ones that matter most. I have interviewed a 10-year season ticket holder and he gave me some good insight, but I need a little more conflict to depict all the fans' sides. If you could reach out to your most vocal and supportive readers and ask them if they would be willing to be interviewed, I would be very appreciative. All interviews will be recorded for accuracy.
The general questions to be asked will be along these lines:
Whose fault is it that UCLA is doing so poorly? Dan Guerrero's or Rick Neuheisel's? Should Rick be fired, and if so, when? Would fans not showing up at the Rose Bowl have any impact on Dan? If things stay the same going into 2012, will you renew your season tickets? Is not showing up to a game a sign of support for change or detrimental to the kids on the field? Do you feel Morgan Center doesn't understand the importance of college football? Wish list for a new head coach, within reason. 
Thanks for your time. The deadline for this article is late Wednesday/early Thursday, posting Friday. I appreciate any and all contact referrals.

Lisa Horne


For full disclosure, Lisa is an $c grad, but she has family ties to U.C.L.A. and likes Rick personally.  I've also chatted with her via twitter before.  I think she will be fair with this article, and I wouldn't hesitate to speak with her.  Alas, being an exile, I don't have season tickets.

It's a bit time sensitive, so if you are free and want to share your thoughts, comment below and I will contact you.  Thanks, BN!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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