Money, Politics, and Pride: Why We Fail at Football

-A composite of my posts on Bruingold.  I though some of you would appreciate this.

These are the problems that keep UCLA from being a competitive football program.

The Administration 
1) The UCLA Admins, from the Chancellor on down, do not want a football coach to be the highest paid employee of the University. I think it is bogus as he generates a large amount of revenue and exposure for our university.  But the Chancellor's job also entails overseeing EVERYTHING his university does and making sure it does that within the rules at the highest level possible. UCLA, whether the academics and admins like it or not, is one of, if not THE, premier athletic institution on earth. If we can succeed at EVERY OTHER sport except football, there is something wrong. Football makes more money, gets more exposure, sells more merchandise, and brings in more revenue than all other collegiate sports combined. Thus, if he were actually "doing his job", he would support the football program to the utmost of his ability, and make sure we hire the best of the best, as we have done in ever. single. other. sport. on this campus.

2)The same administration does not want to directly ask donors for money specifically for the hiring of a football coach. The administration does not want boosters having that much "political power" in the administration.

3) The administration wants no UCLA players making a scene. The problem is, Rick runs such a loose ship it happens anyway. Players are going to act like idiots sometimes. All college students do. Make them work their tails off so they only have time for school and football. If they fail drug tests, suspend them not after 4 times, after one time.  

But because of all this, UCLA won't let us have even the same admission standards as Cal, Washington, Wisconsin, or Michigan.  The disparity in football performance should thus be all the more vexing, considering we're spending so much time and energy calling ourselves a top academic institution. These other places seem to be managing just fine academically despite having successful football programs, some simply changed their head coach and are seeing success (Washington/Michigan).  How can we expect to win if we can't even let kids in who want to be at UCLA, yet our academic profile is STILL lower than these schools, all of which are well regarded academically? 85 football players in a school of 25,000 undergraduates is not going to affect our national profile anyway. We might as well let the kids come play football, monitor them closely, teach them as best we can and keep them on the straight and narrow. 

If we expect UCLA athletes to be representative of our academic success, we're barking up the wrong tree. Basketball players, football players, any athlete cannot be expected to maintain the same academic success as other students, as they participate in a sport that takes a significant amount of their time. If they were not doing this activity, they would have more time, both in high school and college, to devote to their studies, with expected increases in their performance. This is accounted for by giving them special admission, as most would not qualify based on their normal scores. Thus, to insist that football players and basketball players be held to the same rigorous academic standards as other students is ludicrous. I was a musician, and spent as much time practicing as these athletes did their sports. Thus my grades weren't good enough under normal circumstances, yet I was also a special admit.  Do you think I had as much time to study as every other student?  Not hardly.  Practicing my instrument 6+ hours a day will do that to you.

The Athletic Department
1) The UCLA AD is a bureaucrat. He's being paid by the chancellor who does not give two flying you know whats about football, or any athletics. Guerrero wants to keep his job, and will keep his job because the man who has the authority to fire him likes that he gets his shoes shined by DG. 

2) Dan is not a football mind, has no money available as mentioned before to hire a coach, and does not want to make waves. This is why UCLA alums get hired, because they won't embarrass anyone, they come cheap, and they're all friends.

3) The athletic dept does not care to keep us in the upper echelons. We don't have the facilities. Our practice field isn't even 100 yards long! That is absurd for a division 1 program in a major BCS conference that expects to compete against U$C.

Money, politics, pride.  Until the ENTIRE culture about UCLA football changes, we'll always be the laughing stock of college football.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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