Cumulative Stats through 'Urinated on in Utah'

(All data here were entirely researched by Fox71, and the writing is primarily his, though I've made some edits/tweaks with his permission, and added my own conclusions and editorial at the end. -KSBruin)

Three weeks after the Debacle in the Desert, here are the stats following the Utah game. Someone asked if these are cumulative, and they are.  After ten games, they’re not going to move much, and they pretty accurately reflect the performance of our team. I added all the rankings and divided by the number of rankings, to get what we lawyers call "the average." We average 79th, so we’re just barely out of the bottom third in the country. (Remember, this is out of all 120 D-1 teams.)

I think there are many observations that can be made from these numbers. One that jumps out at me is that our coach’s philosophy does not mesh with performance of the team. CTSS (and yes, moderators, I’m back to CTSS; it’s shorter than Richard Gerald Neuheisel, Jr.) thinks that kicking is winning. Let’s look at that. Our net punting is 34, and that’s good. But to have a chance in the battle for field position, you have to have a defense, and our defensive numbers are not good (although surprisingly higher than the eye test or the stomach test results). Some low-lights and the full table of data after the jump.

Punt return yardage defense: 83. Meaning teams return the ball far better than average against our special teams. 

Rushing defense: 95. Meaning that when the other team gets the ball, they move it just about at will against our defense. 

Passing defense: 61. Meaning we’re only barely in the bottom half of all the Division 1 teams, but it doesn’t matter, because teams don’t have to pass against us. 

Red zone defense: 109. Meaning once a team gets to our twenty yard line, our chances of getting a stop without a score are not very good, to say the least.

Turnovers gained: 79. A turnover in the red zone would be nice, but we don’t do that. We’re too busy bending. 


  Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11
  Arizona Cal ASU Utah
3rd down conversion % 83 82 80 92
Opp. 3rd down conversion % 118 117 116 115
4th down percentage 56 51 39 53
Opp. 4th down %  92 91 92 88
Penalties per game  76 69 77 91
Fewest yards penalized per game  86 79 77 93
First down defense  116 110 114 108
First down offense  93 87 88 95
Fumbles lost 95 102 108 102
Fumbles recovered 79 77 88 83
Interceptions thrown  14 7 5 18
Kickoff return yardage defense 102 102 111 112
Kickoff returns 87 90 61 68
Net punting 35 26 28 34
Passes intercepted 79 37 46 55
Passing defense 88 81 83 61
Passing efficiency 57 63 53 62
Passing efficiency defense 96 77 76 68
Passing offense 82 87 86 88
Punt return yardage defense 101 92 90 83
Punt returns 111 114 114 114
Red zone defense 118 112 108 109
Red zone offense 96 93 80 79
Rushing defense 95 83 86 95
Rushing offense 47 34 32 35
Sacks 113 109 109 111
Sacks allowed 11 14 28 37
Scoring defense 108 92 94 92
Scoring offense 86 82 81 89
Tackles for loss 107 102 107 106
Tackles for loss allowed 16 29 45 48
Time of possession   98 88 76 65
Total defense 106 89 95 87
Total offense 74 68 65 69
Turnover margin 88 57 74 83
Turnovers gained 92 58 73 79
Turnovers 57 57 63 68



There are 37 categories listed above. We are in the top third of D-1 teams in 4: interceptions thrown, net punting, rushing offense, and sacks allowed.

We are in the top half in a whopping 7 of 37: the four above plus 4th down percentage, passes intercepted (thanks Tevin!), and tackles for loss allowed (which has still dropped considerably over the past four games).

We are in the bottom third of all 120 D-1 teams in 21 of 37 categories...way too many for me to list, as it's a majority of them.

We rank no better than 100th in 8 of 37 categories, and we're in the bottom ten in opponent's 3rd down percentage (though we've risen one spot in each of the last four weeks - progress!), kickoff return yardage defense, punt returns, and sacks.

Seen enough, Chancellor?


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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