Four Steps to Save UCLA Football

I wrote a short letter to DG and Block.  A good friend of mine referred me to this community to post my thoughts.  Not sure how the posting works here but I'll give it a shot.

Dear (I wrote this letter to many people at the University),

I just erased a 5 page letter for you that I have been writing for a couple of days.  I was planning on e-mailing it to you along with sending a fed-ex letter copy.  I got so upset re-reading it that I have decided to make this short and simple.   

I have 4 simple steps to save UCLA football.  I promise you, if these steps are taken in some fashion, UCLA football will be a top 15 program in the Nation and will be a cash cow for the school in general while raising its academic reputation and boosting its appeal to those around the nation.

1) Spend around $5 Million per year on the coaching staff. (About 3 Million for the head coach plus 2 Million for assistants and whatever else needs to be done.)  Accepting donor contributions given to "UCLA Athletics" that can be used to towards coaches salary will solve this money problem along with added TV Revenue.  Chris Peterson and Mike Leach are phone numbers that should be high on your "first to call" list.

2) Ease back academic restrictions for athletes to at least the level of Cal, who allows more borderline student athletes than UCLA and is ranked higher academically.  This is an absolute no brainer and can be done with no cost or potential downfall.  (Ask Oregon or USC if allowing more borderline student athletes has cost them academic prestige or a lack cash in their pockets.

3) Upgrade football facilities.  (A 100 yard practice field would be a great start, along with football only dedicated facilities).  Type in "college football athletic facilities" in google and look at facilities that places like Oregon, USC, Texas, and so on currently have compared to UCLA.

4) Make student tickets free at the Rose Bowl.  (I could write a thesis on how important this is for the long haul of UCLA Athletics such as a better atmosphere at the Rose Bowl, 8K+ students per game compared to the probably 3 or 4k we have now, along with creating more passion and school pride for the school which will lead to future donations.) 

Look at these statistics for UCLA students tickets.  I believe UCLA has sold around 8,000 Den Packages this year.  8,000 times $100 per package is $800K in total revenue.  If UCLA decides to make the changes I have suggested, we will have a successful program and a great team, along with averaging over 75K a game at the Rose Bowl.  For the Texas game alone this season, which had over 10K Texas fans and 55K total, their would have been easily 75K there if UCLA had a good team.  That is 20K more seats that would have been filled, and still 15K empty seats!  20K tickets at an average of $40 per ticket translates to $800k in lost revenue, add in concession losses, parking at $20 per car, and merchandise purchases you make up student ticket revenue in ONE GAME plus more potential income loss!  Let me add this in there, if only 30 students of those 8,000 future Alums become hardcore UCLA fans after graduation from their time spent at the Rose Bowl for their FREE TICKETS, if those 30 students each donate $1,000 per year for 30 years after graduation that is $900,000 in their donation life-time that UCLA is losing out on.  You once again make up the $99 UCLA charges for the Den package, albeit over a longer time period.  It will have a snowball effect and I am using bare minimums here.

Changes need to be made, and need to be made now.  UCLA football will lose relevance forever and will lose interest from fans, alums, ticket holders, and donors.

I have four season tickets for UCLA football and we have already decided that unless drastic steps are taken we will not be renewing our seats next season, that is a promise.  

One quote sums up our problem in UCLA Athletics... "It takes money to make money."  UCLA is not saving money or being financially productive by merely staying in the black, it is losing millions in potential revenue.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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