Urban Meyer's Smoke Signal: Will UCLA Answer?

Interesting tidbit of news coming from the fellows at the Big Lead.  First, they reminds us that the news is that one of the, if not the, most coveted available football coach, Urban Meyer (who I have been openly hoping and praying ends up in Westwood), met with Arizona's AD about the vacancy in Tucson. And then they remind folks that Arizona is a nice gig, but it's not one of the better jobs out there, but guess which school got included in that list?

So before any Arizona fans go thinking Urban Meyer was in play for the Wildcats, this seems to be a case of two guys just helping each other out.

Do I think this Byrne/Meyer news leaking out – if you’ve followed Thamel’s reporting, it’s obvious he’s friendly with Meyer – is beneficial to both parties? Absolutely. Byrne is trying to replace Mike Stoops. Arizona is a good, but not a great job opening, and with schools like UCLA, Ohio State, North Carolina and Penn State all (likely) looking for a coach, Arizona would have to wait for some dominoes to fall before getting their man.

This is no surprise as it's become clear that Mike Leach (who has a contingent of support here on BN) would prefer Westwood to Arizona, but won't be able to wait forever if Arizona comes knocking.  In other words, we should be able to put ourselves in play for a top tier head coach and not have to settle for another bargain basement Donahue sycophant. 

But here's the best part:

The leak officially puts out the word that he’s in play for a job, even though it had been rumored since the day he quit. It might as well have been a smoke signal to UCLA, Penn State or anyone else that wants to make a play for Meyer: It’s mid-November … you’ve got 7-8 weeks to decide what you want to offer me. It makes Meyer’s exquisitely-worded denials in recent weeks all the more laughable.

While we've had our disagreements with the Big Lead guys before, this all but confirms what we at BN have been hearing from various places.  Urban is definitely putting the feelers out there. 

UCLA, with all of the money that is coming in (which has been chronicled extensively on BN), has the revenue to make a serious play for a top tier football coach like Urban Meyer.

And to be frank, it's a great fit for him: great recruiting ground, reasonable expectations (i.e. it's not BCS title or bust every year like at most SEC schools), a top tier baseball program with one of the best coaches in the nation (a rumored consideration for Urban, as his son is looking for a baseball program), and a top-notch medical facility should Urban's health become a concern for him.

It's time to make a serious move.  What's the worse that could happen?  He says no?

That being said, I'm sure Dan Guerrero and his cadre of morons at Morgan Center are too stale, boring, and timid to make a bold move like offering Meyer at least $4.5 million per year.  All the more reason we need wholesale regime change in Westwood, starting with Guerrero.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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