Dan Guerrero: Too Busy Sipping Chianti To Watch BBall

Maybe that's not what he was actually doing during our two massacres at "home" to mid major squads in basketball this year, but it might as well be given the inane comments he relayed to ESPN's Andy Katz describing what the hell is wrong with Dan's other major revenue program:

"We struggled coming out of the gate,'' UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said. "Ben is still trying to figure out how to use the personnel. Jerime [Anderson] didn't play in the first game. Reeves didn't play in the second game. He doesn't have the full complement of his players. We look to play inside out. We look to feed the post. Guys have to convert or dish and hit open shots. But that has manifested itself in the way Ben thought. We're getting the looks. But people aren't knocking down the shots. It's not that the perimeter players are taking bad shots. They are taking good shots but not making them. "

TL;DR, "We just needed to make more shots". I'm sure Andy was pleased that you were able to point him to the fact that points are good. I don't expect Dan to have the basketball acumen of Ben Howland, but I do expect more understanding of what's wrong than this tripe. "Feed the post" and "we're getting the looks" just shows that he's been hitting the Chianti a little too hard. I've seen these guys try to feed the post. Force feed the post in fact. They were so set on doing it on certain possessions of the LMU game that they threw directly into a triple team around Smith. "We're getting the looks"? Are you kidding me? With this stand-around-and-watch-the-ball offense? I don't think so, Dan.

I'm not even going to get into the whole "he's still trying to figure out his personnel" line, because I think that really says it all about how terrible the start of this season has been despite the Iraqi Information Minister level of spin Dan is trying to put on it.

"The issue with Reeves he had to deal with it,'' Guerrero said. "He had to put his arms around it. It's a distraction. It's not a positive in any way, shape or form. He had a good opportunity to talk to his folks. We still have good talent on this team and it should be sufficient to win some games."

In case you guys weren't aware, Reeves getting suspended wasn't good. I think people reading this might have wanted to know perhaps what Reeves is doing to be a better teammate. What kind of steps he's taking, or what he's recognized in himself that could be changed to make him a more productive member of this team. But no, we get this banal crap. At least we'll be able to win some games this year, kind of like how we could actually be bowl eligible in football!!!!!!!!!

"There was issues [with body language] with a couple of guys, and that will be addressed,'' Guerrero said. "Ben saw it, and he addressed it.''

There are issues with the defense, Dan. The Defense. Is he addressing that? 

The reality is that they have to find some sort of cohesiveness before it's too late. "It's very early,'' Guerrero said. "I trust Ben will pull this thing together.''

Thanks for wasting another five minutes of my life with this administrator-speak. The only way he could have had this many boring platitudes to spout off instead of voicing some real concrete concerns about virtually all facets of this program's performance is if he was not actually watching the games, and it would not surprise me if he wasn't. 

Time for Regime Change in Westwood.

Can Dan!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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