Trogan-to-English: John Robinson

I considered doing yet another translation of Lane Kiffin, but decided not to because a) although I potentially can earn a high score for technical merit/execution/artistry, I get killed for degree of difficulty (the bare minimum), and b) the Pac-12 already translated his words as follows: "$ 10,000 fine."

So instead I take up Simers' LA Times interview (sic) of John Robinson:

'... the "old fart" as he calls himself..."

The "old cheat" as everyone else calls him.

About this year's Notre Dame game, "It was USC at its best."

Trash talking before the contest, calling the opponents quitters after the game, not winning by Trogan dominance but by Irish miscues.  Assuming they also got farcical calls by the officials, delivered some late hits and other personal fouls, and didn't go to class the week before the game, yes, this does represent the "best" they can offer.

"... they didn't have that big win.  They do now."

You don't have to beat a Top Ten team to have a big win.  You just need to top a once-fine program who fires coaches on a regular basis now.

 "... people say maybe they quit; I just don't care."

Not people, your school's players.  Of course you don't care, you being a bridge between the nonpareil good sportsmanship of John McKay and Pete Carroll. 

"I just love it when you can run the ball, the band is playing 'Conquest" and you're just kicking their butts.  It's so good."

Life doesn't get any better.  At least compared to having to study, having to earn a living, or contributing to greater society.  I especially love watching replays of OJ, the most famous Trogan of them all.

About his coaching days at Troy, "We had some good moments."

Like when we had the greatest NCAA scandal of the decade, scores of players sneaking past the Admissions Office under McKay and I, players not going to class, then not going to the 1-week "replacement class" and still being able to win the Rose Bowl on a touchdown that never went in the end zone but was awarded by a (rewarded) official.

"I like what I see in Kiffin."

He reminds me of the other great cheaters at our "university", including me.  And he has that dear dear man Ogre.

"I love what's going on at USC. ... it started with the hiring of Pat Haden. ... It was like the past was gone..."

Well actually it was Back to the Future, bringing in a guy who lived with the biggest cheat in the history of college football, a guy who watched (up front and personal) so many of his teammates ("student-athletes" ha!) avoid Admissions, not find the library, and find the Marv Goux franklins handshake.

On Mike Garrett, "... when you look at his resume, it was pretty darn good."

Who managed to duck, lie, stonewall, and delay NCAA sanctions to the next regime so successfully that he received a golden parachute for his good work.

On John McKay, "My hero." 

He mentored me in cheating and poor sportsmanship.  All of my violations I owe to him.

He is now a USC fundraiser...

I'm giving back.  We had so many talented fundraisers taking care of my players, so now it's my turn to contribute.



<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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