UCLA Hoops Notes of Angst vs Michigan


(in the way bringing an extra defender)  DW                        2g (gets screen then passes back into JS)


                                                                                                         JS (sets diag. screen for 2G then posts)


           (loafs and exchanges spots w PG) F                                  


                                                                              PG (loafs and exchanges spots with F)


NOTE: best way I can show tpying, hope it is kind of clear

This play run just 2x in the 1st half sums up a total lack of execution on a perfectly good play.  The play goes like this Josh Smith starting above the baseline screens low for the off guard.   He then gets immediately into a good spot on the low block.    The off guard is suppose to feed the big man there.   But on both occasions playing against a straight man that should net an easy catch in the post we make the same 2 mistakes.   Both times David Wear at the opposite block comes behind Smith bringing his man to the same side headed for the baseline 3 pt area.  

The 1st time with 12:20 in the half remaining Powell throws a weak pass that gets intercepted by taken by Wear's man and led to a basket on the other end.  Powell deserved some of the blame, but I think it was Bilas who unfairly laid it all on him.  Why the hell is Wear bring another defender and himself right where the pass is supposed to be for Smith?  

The 2nd time we ran this specific play Wear came at exactly the same time, but luckily Smith got the catch and the basket.  But again what the hell is Wear doing coming over?    Clearly it was by design.  Is that the design of this play?   If you want Wear to have a baseline jumper on the same side why would you not just start him on the same side in the corner with the guard and Smith?   Did Wear twice mistakenly come over to obstruct the play?   

The second thing I noticed on this play is that the F and PG cross paths to exchange spots as soon as the pass goes to the 2 guard.    It is possible Wear is emptying that back side for a PG to come underneath on the opposite side.. that would be true if on either occation the F set a hard screen for the PG or the PG ran hard to underneath.  On both occasions the players loafed to their spots.  I think these plays are indicative of the total lack of coaching and basketball IQ we are seeing out there.  I have more rambling general thoughts after the jump...

 1. In the 1st half our guards think they are better and more important to the team then they are.  Bad shots abound from Zeke, Anderson, and Lamb.   Those 2 plays above were refreshing in the fact they were practically the only 2 plays in the half that had the intent of playing through our bigs

2. The 1st 10 minutes of the 2nd half playing with no more energy then the 1st half we played to what I believe our identity should be.  Over and over we decided we need to get it to Smith or Nelson inside.   They did not execute well all the time, but it forced a double team about every possession and netted us some easy baskets.  Clearly Howland must have told our guards to pull their heads out of their asses and get the ball inside.  

3. After about the 10 minute mark Howland inexplicably inserted his head into his own ass.  He put both Wears into the game and our inside game reverted back to our crappy guards trying to make plays.  News flash every Div I team we have played this season has had better guard play.  (Notice I did not necessarily say better guards)  

4. Defensively we can't cover man 2 man!   If I had a gripe exposing our best rebounder and inside defencer Love 20 feet from the basket for cheap fouls on hedges then I certainly have a problem with exposing a 350 lb center we badly need to produce offensively out there.  Either figure out a way to switch players onto the screener who can cover the pick and roll or play some god damn zone.   

5. Which goes into my next reason we can't play man.. our guards can't cover the other team's guards.  Anderson couldn't cover opposing guards as a freshman and he can't do it now.  He is better because he is just confident enough to make a few baskets and that is it.  He gets a few steals taking chances, but he along with our other guards just don't work hard enough running by and through screens.  You can't just see a screen and think aw schucks maybe Smith can help out.  No you assume he can't and you get over that screen.   I don't think I have ever seen a team worse at defending the screen and roll that insisted on doing it the whole game.  Smith unfairly gets the brunt of the blame, but honestly expecting him to hedge and get back to his man can really only be done by the Prince.  

6. Can our guards even stay with a man without the aide of a screen?

7. This season is about the future.  Powell should be playing more. 

8. I think we should have a 1 game ban on 3 pt shooting.  We are complacent on offense waiting and watching behind the 3 pt line when our big man gets the ball inside.   Shorten the pass.. if your man is doing the double teaming.    Back to Powell who should be in the game on that opposite wing from the post.  When his man double teams you Mr. Powell head right for the rim.  Toss that freaking thing up there and hammer it home.  Double team us bitches then suck on that.  

9. No one should be able to play man against us.  Smith should be eating a man to man alive.  A little recognition and court balance and practice from our guards along with some real game practice from smith and Nelson should net plenty of easy looks against a man defense.  

10. Does anyone practice throwing a pass over the top? And do our bigs understand holding off a defender until that right moment to make a catch of a ball thrown over the top?   I really don't get how in major college basketball this is a skill that goes so undeveloped.   Hell I could do that crap when I was a fat pudgy 5 ft 6 in player at the age of 15.  

I can't even begin to imagine our practices where the guards clearly dictate too much of the action.   We can't rely on this group.   The sun shines on a dog's ass every once in a while. Don't let a hot stretch of 3 pt shooting fool you into thinking we can win that way.    Our bread is buttered inside, the Wear's will be effective catching and shooting open jumpers from our big men.   Force teams to double team and learn to make them pay.   Our guards do not command double teams therefore we gain no advantage.  Basketball is about gaining an advantage and exploiting it more often than your opponent can.  Ben please understand where our advantage can be gained more often. 

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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