After The 0-50 Massacre Chianti Dan Wants Bruin Fans to Get Excited About The Rose Bowl!

Going to keep this post very short because no point to making additional comments right now on the massacre at the Mausoleum. Let's go to the important stuff following the latest nuclear implosion around Dan Guerrero's joke of an athletic program. Just a little while ago SportsbyBrooks had tweeted that that "multiple sources close to UCLA football program" told him that Rick Neuheisel's firing would be announced on Sunday (hey its already Sunday am out in the East Coast). That tweet immediately got somewhat relieved.

Within minutes though Chianti Dan went out to press to tell folks that Neuheisel will at least coach the game against Oregon. Guerrero's comments in the LA Times are beyond absurd:

"We will do a valid assessment when we're done strapping on the uniform," Guerrero said Saturday night at the Coliseum.

As to whether getting to the Rose Bowl would be enough to save Neuheisel's job, Guerrero said, "That we're preparing to play for the Rose Bowl should be exciting to all Bruin fans."

Asked whether he would bring Neuheisel back if the Bruins reached the Rose Bowl game, Guerrero ended the interview.

You got that folks? Chianti Dan wants you all to get excited. That's just the latest example of what a clueless and out of touch leader this guy truly is. If he had any sense he'd pull the trigger right after the Arizona game so that we didn't have to go through this sham of last few weeks.

Instead of making decisive moves (while other programs are snapping up coaches), Chianti Dan continues to take the easy way out and make further mockery out of his joke program. The guy once again demonstrated how he has no leadership instincts or feel for the culture of a major college athletic program.

Whether Guerrero intends or not these kinds of tonedeaf comments and actions without any sense of accountability creates the image of an out of control athletic regime that functions through bamboozlement in the media without having to answer to alums, students and fans who care about those four letters.

I will just reiterate what freesia39 laid out in previous thread. The least you can to do suffocate Chianti Dan and ncompetent UCLA athletics regime. Flood his boss - Gene Block - with calls and emails:

Call the Chancellor: 1-310-825-2151
Send him an email:

Time to gin up all out pressure until we see a wholesale regime change in Westwood.


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