A lesson in mediocrity. 6-6 And Pac-12 South Champs

What can I say about this season?  We started out with a loss to Houston, stumbled against Texas, fell flat on our face against Stanford, were embarrassed by Arizona, and thrashed by Utah; and yet somehow by the saving grace of a magical crippled buffalo, we find ourselves in the championship game...



Right out the gate we enter the stadium wearing uniforms that had so much white in them that I often wondered if it was my beloved bruins or the french armies' flag of choice.   Our play was definitely not enough to help me to decipher the two either. From the moment the game began it was clear that we weren't prepared for our opponent.   Our opponent who happens to be our inner-city rival.  Which is the biggest game of the year for our regular season.  

Of course we have the option of going to the Pac-12 championship game because $C likes to cheat, but by beating them we could at least say we deserved to be in that game. 

Being IN a game... ANY game of significance... appears not to be the CRN Bruin lead way.

Shutout, embarrassed by 50 points, and with absolutely nothing positive to take from the game into the championship I have never felt this way before.   In some ways I feel like we are the small mentally disadvantaged kid who gets to stand up on the champions block because of our handicap, and not because of our real potential.

I hate $C I hate their guts, I hate the $C grads I work with, I hate their stupid band that plays that stupid song of which is the only thing they know how to play, and yet I can't help but respect those idiots because they did something that we didn't do all season much less this game.  They played with pride.  They have nothing to play for, no championship, no bowl game, nothing.   Even with nothing on the line they played the entire season as if they were playing to impress the pollsters for the BCS, or if they were going to the championship.  They played us as if THEY were the ones with everything to lose and everything to gain.

And they took this game seriously.  It didn't matter what their situation was they were going to play us as hard as they could, and how do we answer?

With the same roll over, bend over,  take it up the backside attitude that we have seen all season.   To walk into the title game against Oregon with a 6-6 record and getting beat by our biggest rival 50-0 is not just pathetic, but we may be looking at a losing season being South Division Champs.

UCLA was about pride, it was about excellence in everything we do, athletically as well as academically.  How would we be viewed if being 2.0 in GPA got you on Block's Dean list?  What would our perception be?  Because that's what this is.  Mediocrity.  Mediocrity that is being paraded in front of the entire conference and country as a sign of UCLA excellence.

I'm ashamed, and every Bruin should be as well.  Guerrero needs to go,  CRN needs to go.  I have no idea who showed up playing that game against $C, but that pathetic display wasn't UCLA, and I know that because UCLA is about pride and excellence; not about mediocrity.  They always wear blue and gold, a symbol of strength and value, and not the colors of surrender and defeat. 

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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