Email Targeted UC Regents Demanding Regime Change at UCLA Athletics

Here are three email addresses where you can respectfully express your thoughts and demands for a total regime change for UCLA athletics:

UC President, Mark G. Yudof:;
Regent, George Kieffer:;
Regent, Bruce Hallett:

Explanation on why they are strategic targets for email actions provided below. - BN Eds.

We now know that Chianti Dan is not going to terminate RN before the joke of the Pac 12 Conference game.

UCLA has become a national joke in both of its revenue generating sports.  Ample evidence of this can be found in the written and spoken word during and immediately after UCLA's recent football and basketball games.  UCLA's brand and its goodwill (i.e., positive public feelings about the university and its athletic programs) are being eroded on a daily basis.

Many Bruins have written or spoken to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block about the state of UCLA athletics.  It does not appear that Chancellor Block has the desire or the will to relieve Dan Guerrero from his duties before Mr. Guerrero does more damage to UCLA's brand and reputation.  I would think that the UCLA brand is the most valuable intellectual property of the University of California system.  As such, it is now time to take our crusade to those who are above Chancellor Block before it is too late.

According to Wikipedia (I know, questionable source), Chancellor Block reports to UC President, Mark G. Yudof.  As such, I would assume that President Yudof is Chancellor Block's direct supervisor.  President Yudof's e-mail address is

The Regents of the University of California make up the governing board of the University of California.  It is unclear what if any powers the Regents have over the Chancellor, or if taking our crusade to them would help.  In reporting on the UC leadership, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges has reported about "significant problems in governance, leadership and decision making," with much "confusion about the roles and responsibilities of the university president, the regents and the 10 campus chancellors with no clear lines of authority and boundaries.  LOL.  Sounds like the Morgan Center.  Notwithstanding the above, putting pressure on the Regents certainly couldn't hurt.  See the attached link for a list of the Regents.

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be direct contact information with respect to each Regent on the linked list and additional research is necessary.  From looking at their biographies, it appears that there are are a few who have UCLA ties, and can be specifically targeted with our grievances.  I have done some minimal research wtih respect to two of these individuals.

One Regent, George Kieffer went to UCSB but received his J.D. from UCLA.  He is a partner with a national law firm, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips and appears to be well-connected in the L.A. area.  His work e-mail address is

Another ex officio Regent, Bruce Hallett, went to UCI but received his J.D. from UCLA.  Mr. Hallett is an inactive member of the California bar but is also co-founder of a venture capital firm, Miramar Venture Partners, located in Corona del Mar.  His work e-mail address is

Mr. Yudof, Mr. Kieffer, and Mr. Hallett may be good starting points for our campaign to put pressure on Chancellor Block.  Contact information for the other Regents should not be difficult to locate.  I would invite other members of this community to obtain additional information regarding the other Regents, especially their e-mail addresses.  I would do more, but I am now being taken in a different direction for the remainder of the afternoon E.S.T. with professional and family duties.

Also, as SF Bruin reported, the Regents are meeting tomorrow at UCSF.  It might be good to hit Chancellor Block, President Yudof, Regent Kieffer, and Regent Hallett with a slew of well-written, persuasive e-mails today and tonight and see if it becomes a talking point at the meeting tomorrow, or if, at a minimum, some waves are made with respect to this travesty.

I will be writing such an e-mail later this evening.

Go Bruins.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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