let's not get carried away... asu feelings

N asked me to fanpost this comment so here goes: 

a lot of us here are feeling good that we beat asu today. some of us are even saying asu was a good team and today's win was a good win for us. at the risk of sounding like that blowhard lee corso... not so fast, my friend...

this is a quick recap of asu's schedule thus far, and some thoughts about what they have left in the future...


1-0 asu beats uc davis IN TEMPE. seriously? i think my high school could beat uc davis. especially at home.


2-0 asu beats missouri. missouri who beat miami (ohio) in week 1. since ben roethlisberger is playing quarterback i guess this was a good win. oh wait… missouri is now 4-5. the teams they’ve beat are as follows: the aforementioned miami of ohio, western illinois leathernecks (yes i had to look that one up), iowa state, and texas a&m. is missouri good? are they bad? who really knows... did they deserve their #21 ranking (IN WEEK 2)? probably not. rankings are notoriously off early in the season. one thing should be clear, this isn't that good of a win for asu that it seemed to be 2 months ago.. ps missouri had to play IN TEMPE...

2-1 asu loses @ illinois… or as N calls them:

illi FREAKING nois.

illinois fattened themselves up (SEC style) by playing (and beating) arkansas state, south dakota state, western michigan, northwestern (RIP randy walker… so sorry about that 2005 sun bowl…) , and indiana. throw in the asu win and hey look! they’re 6-0. congratulations illinois…. now they start their REAL schedule against REAL football teams, and look what happens… they lose to “the ohio state university,” purdue, and penn state. next they have michigan and wisconsin. yes boys and girls, ILLI freaking NOIS could soon be 6-5… no wonder they beat asu. i mean, how could anybody beat the almighty fighting illini… /sarcasm... and ironically... asu loses on the road...

3-1 asu somehow, someway beat *$¢. let’s just say even a blind squirrel finds a nut. yes, even karl dorrell – see the mirage 10-2 season…. plus, pretty boy barkley had to play IN TEMPE… sure, a good win. asu has exactly one win that makes them somewhat decent.

4-1 asu beats oregon state. oregon state, just isn’t good (2-7). and the (2-7) beavers had to play IN TEMPE

5-1 asu wins @ utah. let’s just say utah probably isn’t too thrilled about being in the pac-12… i mean utah got thumped by cal, and how bad is cal if we thumped them? but let’s give utah some credit. they just beat ‘zona… and ’zona looked like the greatest thing since andrew luck a few weeks ago against tresey’s poor excuse for defense… then again, utah will probably thump our vespa clown through car wash defense next week but i digress…

5-2 asu loses @ oregon.. but hey, they kept it close. yes, folks, asu must be real good because they only lost at oregon by 2 touchdowns…. give. me. a. break. (ironic too that they lose a road game...)

6-2 asu beats colorado. yes, 1-9 colorado (damn they haven’t even had a bye…. poor buff’s…but hey at least they beat the rams…) and those poor buffaloes had to play IN TEMPE

and today, dennis erickson screws up even more than rick neuheisel does…

they have three games remaining @ wazzu, home against ‘zona, and home against cal. [damn 7 home games… must be nice… we just schedule thursday night games on the road on nationally televised bspn… if only we had a real athletic director… but that’s off topic.] i’m just saying we need asu to choke again, because, well, i don’t feel so hot about us going to utah...

please feel free to enlighten me if i am mistaken. but i hardly consider today a good win for us. and it certainly does not erase the debacle at 'zona a few weeks ago. and it shouldn't save neuheisel's job. the overall condition of this program requires wholesale regime change.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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