The 2011-2012 Bruin Football Roller Coaster So Far

Here's a brief, short reaction for each of my (and to an extent, this community's) reaction after the end of each game. Mainly for fun and laughs.

Disclaimer**: Not to be taken too seriously, but sorta seriously.

1) Houston - Okay...we lost to Houston...but offense played well and we DID play against Case Keenum, maybe that's why defense got torched. Okay, no judgment til next game.

2) San Jose State- OMG THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING WE ALMOST LOST SO SJSU!!! DUDE!!! ITS SJSU!!! But...maybe the team just overlooked them cause they thought it was gonna be an easy win. Yeah that must be it. Stupid Neuheisel for not preparing them.

3) Texas - Holy CRAP!.......I didn't think we'd beat Texas, but holy CRAP! And there was only 55k fans at the Rose Bowl? Oh hell no. EFF you Neuheisel!

Around this time, the Bruin community begin wondering if Rick is gone for sure this season.


4) Oregon State - Uh...we beat the worst Pac 12 team. Yay? But it was a road game afterall....but ohmahgawd still it was OSU!!! More doubt toward Neuheisel.

5) Stanford - The first drive was great and showed what UCLA could do if it had a real coach. Nevertheless, a blow out was expected. Blame Rick for not having UCLA players reach their potential. Reports show that UCLA had better recruiting classes than Stanford over the past few years. Even more rage.

6) Washington State - Oh gawd. Well, at least Wazzu has improved and isn't the same crappy team they were last year. But damn, we almost lost to them at home. Something bad is going to happen. I just know it. Stupid Neuheisel.

7) Arizona - OH DEAR MOTHER OF GOD. SWEET BABY JESUS!!! SOS!!! SOMEBODY SAVE US!!! AND OH DEAR GOD THEY ARE BRAWLING!! FML X 1000000000 *SOBS*....was that a ref that just streaked the field?

Mass suicide throughout

Everybody calling to fire Rick and Dan Guerrero (and Gene Block and the janitor in Bunche Hall, why not?) Someone also mentioned firing one of the UC Regent President Mark Yudof.

8) Cal - *drinking scotch* Oh man our lives suck, and - oh wtfreakkkkk? We beat Berkeley? No, we DOMINATED BERKELEY? Well that's nice. Actually, that's quite swell. Still, FIRE Neuheisel and Donut, Dirty Dan.

9) Arizona State - The SPTR were worst than their usual SPTR self and we had ridiculous fumbles and turnovers in the last few minutes...and ASU had a last second field goal chance....BUT WE WON? LOLWUT? My life is confused.

Ghosts of some suicidal Bruin fans awaken from dead and think "Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have bit the bullet so soon."

Currently, there are some thoughts wondering, "Wait, Neuheisel....he's turning the corner? Is this it?"

Others are screaming, "ITS A TRICK!!!! TRICKSY BRUINS!!!"


I think that generally summarizes the season's reactions in a nutshell.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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