UCLA's worst fears have just been realized!

Bruins know the feeling all too well. An embarrassing Saturday which leads to anger, frustration and bitter bitter resentment in UCLA's athletic leadership.

Only difference is, on this Saturday the Bruins aren't even playing a game.

In fact, it's worse than anything UCLA has done on the field all season long. After many days of pessimistic anticipation and an overall sense of foreboding, Douchebag pro tempore Dan Guerrero has finally pulled the trigger on another dreadful coaching hire: Jim Mora, Jr.

As of now (1:30am Sat morning) ESPN and the LA Times are reporting this as a done deal, to be announced later today. With the formal announcement comes total fulfillment of everything Bruins fans expected of this coaching search. UCLA alum and fans have been railing for days against such an uninspiring, impotent and embarrassing hire like this. All Dan Guerrero has done here, is validate the predictions and opinions fans at BN have been spouting since Nov. 28. All Guerrero has done is confirm every single thing that's been said about him here.

If Bruins think this is embarrassing for them, just wait until they realize that the rest of the college football world is embarrassed for them, as well.

It's nauseating, at best. Criminally inept, at worst. Yet the imbecile still gets paid to do this.

To round up a coach who was on NOBODY'S wish list, whilst spurning the hottest commodity out there (Leach, who actually wanted to coach here) is the stuff criminal negligence is made of. How Guerrero can willingly place the reins of UCLA football in the hands of an NFL nomad so truly devoid of success boggles the mind and tortures the soul.

Effectively, Guerrero just sentenced UCLA fans to several additional years in mediocrity hell.

No chance of parole.

I'm stunned... but I'm not stunned. This means war. Guerrero just pulled the trigger on a coach who had absolutely zero support from the Bruins community, whilst knowing full well that the Bruin Fan Base was/is completely against this type of hire. That flavor of ignorance and flagrant apathy should not be swallowed without serious regurgitation and gut-wrenching dry heaves. This man needs to be stopped. This sort of total dismantling of UCLA athletics should be punishable by death. And the most repulsive part is, nobody is going to make Guerrero pay.

Nothing short of full retaliation should be accepted. Stop sending your dollars. Stop going to the Rose Bowl. Stop wearing the True Blue and Gold. It's extremely difficult, I know, to even appear to abandon the team you love so much. But by doing so, UCLA fans/alum will actually be doing the opposite. They will be taking this fight to the streets to save the one team they love.

It's the only way to rebuild this twisted, steaming pile of storied rubble... the wreckage of which includes a Heisman trophy, a slew of Hall of Fame plaques, countless All-Americans, MVPs and a National Championship.

Rise up, Bruins. Unfortunately, at this point, the only thing that will turn UCLA around and get this program on the road to respectability is a total and absolute refusal to support such cavalier and destructive mismanagement.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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