#NoMoraDan: Reactive Vs. Proactive Planning: Why DG Fails

I run a tutoring center. It's a business that I've run for the past 4 years, and its one that I started fresh out of college. Needless to say, the early years of the business were quite tumultuous, as I lacked the experience and the expertise to really manage the organization. I always assumed that the business would be successful simply due to my teaching talent. My sentiments were wrong: any business requires more than just talent to be successful. The management of the organization needs to be solidly intact for it to be successful, and this is a lesson I learned after some initial failures.

Most of my gaffes early on occurred because I would always react to problems and not proactively plan to avoid them. Instead of planning programs, curriculum, and things of the like, I would always "react" to situations by trying to adjust my program based on the needs of the students who were currently at my center. Instead of laying the foundations for a solid identity, I would change my business model every time a different student with a different need would come. For instance, if a child didn't like a particular class and the way that we did the class, we would constantly accommodate the child's needs and "adjust" our entire plan in order to make it work.

While, of course, some malleability is always necessary to run a business, the reality is, you need to have a solid plan in place that is constant so that people understand your identity as an organization. Once I laid a solid foundation for my tutoring center, and established an identity, the tutoring center began to flourish. Instead of "reacting" to every student that comes in now, each student knows before they come what they are getting themselves into.

This concept of reactive vs. proactive planning is like planning for an earthquake. You can react once an earthquake hits, and hope/pray that you can get all the necessary supplies that you'll need from the local market. You can react once an earthquake hits, and hope that the cell phone lines are open so that you can contact your loved ones and arrange what to do. You can react and leave it to luck for everything to work out.

Or, you can proactively make a plan and buy all the necessary supplies and prepare for the possibility of an earthquake.

The UCLA Administration doesn't quite seem to get it, especially Dan Guerrero. Our athletics program is NOT run very proactively.

Instead of having a plan in place from the beginning of the year to replace Neuheisel (it should have been pretty obvious early on that he was going to be fired this year), Dan Guerrero in his incompetence "reacted" to the firing as if he did not know it would even happen.

When Nikki Caldwell left UCLA, instead of having a solid plan to try and retain her, Dan Guerrero allowed her to leave with pretty much no resistance. Once again. No plan. Just "reacted" to the situation and hoped for the best.

There are so many other errors that Dan Guerrero has made because of poor planning. Dan Guerrero never has a plan in place, and this Jim Mora Jr. hiring illustrates that most of all. It is unbelievable to me on every level that UCLA cannot net a greater coach than Jim Mora Jr. This is UCLA we are talking about! And the best we can do is Jim Mora Jr.? Did Dan Guerrero really have no better plan than this?

Dan Guerrero seems to be pretty proactive about his leisure time, and the "for fun" stuff he wants to do. He seems to put quite a lot of detail and attention to his little "wine tasting" trips.

Why the hell is he not applying the same mentality to our sports program? Why does it seem like each and every year Dan is "caught by surprise" by some outcome, as if the obvious problem is not staring him right in the face?

Why does our administration continue, each year, to not learn that our problem is that instead of proactively avoiding issues, we react and hope for the best?

Dan Guerrero runs the "business" of UCLA athletics incompetently. You would think he's learned over the years, like I have, that you can't run a business model by simply "reacting" to problems, and yet he never seems to get it. He strikes me has a man who makes the same mistakes over and over again, and I feel like he just made another one. Hopefully I'm wrong. Hopefully Jim Mora Jr. does a good job.

But honestly, why even take that risk? There are so many other candidates in the world that could elicit more excitement and more support? Why even HOPE for the best? He should have been planning this from the BEGINNING of the year, because the writing on the wall was clear since last year: Neuheisel has a really good chance to be fired. Everyone in the world except Dan Guerrero seemed to understand that.

I am now more than ever on the bandwagon: Dan Guerrero needs to be fired. You cannot run a business the way that he's trying to run UCLA Athletics. I've learned that lesson, and have adjusted and matured, and now the tutoring center is flourishing. If he hasn't learned this lesson by now, I doubt he ever will.

It's time to fire Dan Guerrero. His incompetence is mind boggling.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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