HC ideas: Jim Mora Jr. and Mike Johnson, Jim Tressel, Jay Gruden...

I think most Bruin Fans feel like me when it comes to the names coming up in the Coaching search... Unexcited, Uninspired, Feeling deflated with the lack of vision shown by the those conducting the search. Chris Petersen would have been a great hire, but now that hes out of the race the names that have been popping up have shown a clear lack of judgment. The likes of Kevin Sumlin (Who CRN dominated last year) and Al Golden (Over Rated struggling now at Miami even against inferior teams + signed a 4 year extension) would not constitute the sort of breakthrough hire this program has been waiting for. So I want to throw some other names out ther that seem really intriguing and might just give this program the shot in the arm it needs..

First: A coaching tandem of Jim Mora Jr. and our current OC (Bowl game HC) Mike Johnson

Jim Mora Jr. recently expressed interest in the position on the radio and I'm surprised his name is not being discussed more. The man is young and has 24 years of NFL experience. Although he hasnt been the greatest success at the NFL level we've seen that doesnt necessarily mean failure at the college level and infact there are clear cases where this has worked out quite well (Think Pete Carrol, Nick Saban.) . I would like to see UCLA keep Coach Mike Johnson in the fold as I believe hes a fantastic recruiter and has really done a heck of a job since hes got there not to mention hes a damn good OC who was shackled by CRN's conviction to the Pistol.

Second: Jim Tressel

Surprised nobody is mentioning this guy. So his players got some tattoos and sold some jerseys give me a break. The NCAA is full of it as far as I'm concerned. He lied, yeah thats a problem, but he was trying to protect his players so I get it. Theres no denying hes a hell of a coach. He beat Oregon at their peak in the Rose Bowl with less talent. The man is a damn good coach. I don't think Chip Kelly, Lane Kiffin, or David Shaw for that matter will be to excited about having to face a Tressel coached UCLA team. I think theres a high likelihood they know they'd get beat. cause its not the talent thats in question at UCLA its the preparation and the effort. And I can't think of many coaches out there better than Jim Tressel at making sure thats not a problem. His teams are gonna be ready to play no matter the opponent. And after 4 years of CRN's uninspired, unprepared, and under motivated teams I think Tressel might bring that breath of fresh air we need.

Lastly: Jay Gruden - Offensive Coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals brother of John Gruden

Cincinatti is doing very well with a rookie QB and a soso Offensive line and Jay Gruden deservedly gets a lot of credit for that. From what I understand hes a potential target for the Jacksonville Jaguars HC position but I dont think they go in that direction. After watching Cinci play a couple times this year against some pretty good defenses I think I can say hes damn good. I think his lack of Head Coaching experience will prohibit him from landing a Head Coaching gig in the NFL anytime soon so I think if UCLA were to approach him with the right offer he would seriously consider it. Plus I think UCLA fans would be much more excited about him than Al Golden or Kevin Sumlin. Plus you know big brother John would always be there to help little brother.

So I think the names above could be the type of game changing hires this program needs. Just want to throw these names in the hat and see what everyone here thinks.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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