Uninspired Hire: My Open Letter to Dan Guerrero #VetoSeto

This is the letter I just mailed to everyone I could find in the Athletic department.  I believe I sent 6 copies.

If you endorse this please let me know, and we can move forward with some solution to this fiasco.

Dear Dan Guerrero,

My name is -——-, and I am a proud alumnus of UCLA, class of 2005. I am an ardent supporter of UCLA athletics and one of the most stalwart and knowledgeable fans you will find anywhere when it comes to our beloved University. I don’t like to mince words, so I will get directly to the point: If Rocky Seto is in fact our next defensive coordinator at UCLA, I will boycott the UCLA football program and suspend any and all donations to UCLA.

I like to think we have a tradition of integrity at our University that applies to all walks of UCLA life. From Academics to Athletics, all the way through student services. However, if there is one thing I could not be prouder to NOT be associated with, it is Pete Carroll and his tenure at USC. He, personally, is one of the most distasteful people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting, and his conduct on and off the field speaks for itself. The man is not representative of a University with integrity. This man you have supposedly hired, Rocky Seto, has been a part of Pete Carroll’s “team” since he wore diapers. He was a graduate assistant for Pete Carroll, and followed him to the Seattle Seahawks. HE NAMED HIS CHILD “TROY”. Beyond any USC considerations, this man has ZERO experience coaching a defense, much less any experience that would compare to a coach such as Teryl Austin or Randy Shannon. As such, I am inclined to think this was a hire of convenience, of monetary concern, as opposed to a hire that is right for our football team.

I want to support this University any way I can. I want to attend every single home game, and every away game possible. I want to cheer and I want to be a proud, upstanding alumnus worthy of UCLA. However, if this is indeed your choice, I am unable to do this. I cannot support someone who has been anathema to everything about the football program I know and love, with proud alumni such as Brian Price, Maurice Drew, and Marcedes Lewis. If you hire Rocky Seto, I will no longer support this football team, and I will do everything in my power to organize support for a change in admnistration at the highest levels of UCLA. I praised you upon your hire of Ben Howland. I was happy with your choice of Rick Neuheisel. But I promise you, if this man is your newest choice, I will not support you anymore, and will convince everyone that will listen that the athletics department is more interested in how much money is being spent than how many football games are being won.

Football, successful football, creates revenue, Mr. Guerrero. If we win, we can provide not only for football, but for our other programs as well. For our beloved University. We can sign lucrative TV deals such as the one just signed by University of Texas. We can boost our national and international prominence and make our beloved school a more attractive place to all types of prospective students. However, Mr. Guerrero, this is not the way to have a successful program. At very least, it is not one I will support. I’m very sorry to say that this is my decision. I strongly urge you to desist in hiring this man who has built his entire life around our rival program and who has been a part of a football organization that has mocked everything that UCLA stands for.

Rethink your decision, Mr. Guerrero. I am not alone, and I guarantee you will regret it.



Class of 2005

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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