WWL on Lamey: Hilarity!

If you've been following college football lately, you might have come across an amusing image on Wednesday over at WWL:


The guys at ESPN sure know how to put a caption to a photo, don't they?

On Wednesday, the NCAA released its notice of allegations against Pete Carroll Jr.  Lane Kiffin for a variety of NCAA violations, including:

Kiffin, who left Tennessee following the 2009 season to coach at USC, was cited for failure to monitor an atmosphere of compliance within the Vols program and failure to monitor the activities regarding compliance of several assistant football coaches.

Gee, doesn't that sound a lot like the atmosphere of another program somewhere in the Los Angeles area, where classy fellows like O.J. and Snoop roam practice while agents and handlers funnel Range Rovers, golf cart rides, and free houses to players?

More break-down of Hello Kitten's stupidity after the jump.

It isn't any surprise to anyone who has been following the shenanigans at Southern Cal who the NCAA is really targeting:

Kiffin, even though he’s now on the West Coast, may be the one who gets spanked the hardest by the NCAA for his refusal to adhere to the simplest of NCAA rules and monitor his assistant coaches.

Apparently, Ol' Papa Petey didn't teach Lil' Lamey the simplest NCAA rules.  I mean, Pete was the master of not only committing NCAA violations but keeping it under-wraps to not bite him.  I guess Lil' Lamey wasn't paying attention to Professor Petey's infamous "Cheating in College Football 101A" course at Figueroa Tech.

But unfortunately for Lamey, Tennessee isn't sitting back and trying to stash it under the rug like they typically do at Second Choice:

If there’s a hero for Tennessee in this whole mess, it’s senior associate athletic director David Blackburn, who was put in charge of football administration and operations during Kiffin’s 14-month reign of terror.

Blackburn, a stickler for doing things the right away and universally respected by everyone on Tennessee’s campus, tirelessly monitored the program under Kiffin and was continually warning Kiffin what he could and couldn’t do with regard to recruiting.

Sometimes Kiffin listened, and sometimes he didn’t listen.

The key element here is that Blackburn wasn’t in any way negligent. He obviously couldn’t go on recruiting trips with coaches and wasn’t around for every recruiting call, but he stayed on top of things. He watched. He listened, and he didn’t bury his head in the sand.

If not for Blackburn’s diligence and his professionalism, there likely wouldn’t be a finish line in sight right now for Tennessee’s football program.

In fact, the Vols might well be finished.

Well, duh.  Lame doesn't care about rules, he doesn't care about trying to comply with the NCAA: Lame cares about Lame and about winning.  For men like Lame and Saint Peter, the ends will always justify the means, even if the means is rampant cheating, drug use, sexual assault, and other acts of Trogan douchebaggery.

The best part is that Lame deciding to stand Tennessee up and flee back to Southern Cal hasn't left him many friends in Knoxville.  And, according to AOL Fanhouse, the Volunteers are more than happy to serve Hello Kitten up to the NCAA on a silver platter:

Tennessee immediately retained heavyweight attorney Mike Glazier, who specializes in these investigations and is worth his weight in gold. Whatever legal fees the Vols paid him in 2010 and '11, Tennessee got the best bargain for its money in college football this side of Cam Newton. They ought to retire his gavel on the ring of honor at Neyland Stadium.

In earlier drafts of the notice of allegations the Volunteer football program was set to take a hit for a major violation, a failure to monitor, alongside Lane Kiffin. Then, voila, Glazier worked his magic in the last two weeks and not only managed to avoid a direct hit to the football program, but he delivered Lane Kiffin's head on a silver platter to the NCAA.

Even more amusing is that the Trogans, despite the major red flags around ol' Lane Violation, decided to give him one of the highest paying jobs at Southern Cal.  Wow, talk about some sorry-a** judgment.  But, then again, it's Mike Garrett, so why is anyone surprised:

One reason USC got hit so hard by the NCAA was because it adopted the exact opposite approach as Tennessee. Whereas the Vols worked with the NCAA to reach a mutually agreed upon, at least to a certain extent, compromise regarding the violations, former AD Mike Garrett hired Lane Kiffin in the midst of the Trojans NCAA morass. Hiring Lane Kiffin, while the NCAA was already investigating his actions at Tennessee was the ultimate finger in the eye, spittle to the face, like waving a red flag in the face of an onrushing bull.

All-in-all, just another example of how the cheaters across town are running the sleaziest, most corrupt football program in college sports.

Maybe, just maybe, the NCAA will bring out the lumber for another U$C whoopin'.  Because, well, Lil' Lamey has been a bad boy and needs a good whoppin'  But, then again, that's just another day for the cheaters across town.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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