#VetoSeto: To Guerrero & Block - Which UCLA Fan Base Do You Want?

Yesterday was a tale of two fan bases.  It was the worst of times, then it was the best of times.

Mr Guerrero and Mr Block, you need to look at yesterday and recognize it as a true microcosm of your fan base's experiences.  You can see and read and feel the emotions and sentiment by looking at the fan base's posts and comments and emails and phone calls yesterday, and then make a decision on how you want to proceed.

The worst of times: We woke up yesterday morning to multiple reports that our football program was set to hire a young, inexperienced, Carroll disciple from our hated rivals.  We were again faced with the embarrassment that our University was not only unwilling to commit the resources necessary to have the best football program it can, but would actually hire an unproven commodity who was in the center of the dirtiest and most unethical football program in recent years.  We then missed on the first couple of big recruits we had our eye on, and watched young kids decide to spend the most important and happy times of their lives at somewhere, anywhere, other than Westwood.  Then we lost a key recruit, who had initially verbally committed to us, to that same hated dirty and unethical rival.  The school we strive in all ways not to be was preferable to this young man than ours.  The fan base was disconsolate, disillusioned, furious, and ready to suspend all our support of you.

The best of times: The night ended with the glow of winning the trust and commitment of two highly coveted young men to play football for us, choosing our school over some excellent options.  Then we had the joy and pride learning that the young man who opted for our rival actually had us in his heart all along, and that a beautiful family moment brought him back to us.  This was fitting.  We were further buoyed by the prospect that hiring that centerpiece of our hated rival might be on hold, and that maybe, finally, the administration was listening to its impassioned fan base.  And the evening finished with a glorious return of our Ben Ball Warriors who played with heart and effort, who were mirrored by an equally intense crowd in Pauley, and who said that there was no way that a rival was coming into our house and showing us up.  The fan base was delirious, hopeful, and overjoyed, and ready to support any program that showed that kind of effort.

Mr Guerrero and Mr Block, which fan base do you want? 

The toxic and sickened group at noontime that was ready to turn its back on you, by withholding our attendance and our wallets, for your taking the easy and cheap way?  Or the rabidly enthusiastic group last night that couldn't wait to attend the next game and maintained hopes for a return to relevance of our major sports with the right people guiding them, and was eager to support what it will take to get us there?

It's your call, Mr Guerrero and Mr Block.  Which fan base do you want to rely on now and in the future?  Your decisions on coaches, and renovations, and commitments to programs matter a great deal to us, and affect which fan base you get.  We are not fickle.  We are consistent.  And you have the opportunity to choose.

Personally, I'd go with the best of times.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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