Dan Guerrero is an Absentee Director: Latest Example

Achilles has already pointed out the overarching argument for Dan Guerrero's shortcomings, namely the decrease in men's championships, the Pauley denovation fiasco and the alienation of students and alumni.

Those are sweeping issues that permeate his tenure.

Let's now dive in to three specific instances that make you doubt not only his effectiveness but the level of his involvement.

The example with which most of us are familiar is the con job performed on the women's basketball team by the NCAA, when our #3 seed team had to play #11 Gonzaga on their home court in the tournament.  We heard nary a peep from our AD (and now you know what those initials stand for), who was busy sucking up to his future employers at the NCAA, instead of standing up for the brightest young star in his coaching staff.  

The result:  a predictable loss of the game, and the ensuing loss of a coach who probably did not feel like she had the backing of her AD (at least spiritually).

For the second example, I would like to take us back, reluctantly, to the 2010 football season.  For some unknown reason, our team had two away games on Thursday night, one at the juggernaut Oregon in their impossible stadium, the other at Washington, in another extremely difficult environment.  I do know that one of the games was agreed in order to "accommodate" someone else's scheduling, which to me really means that the money smelled really good to Dan who is always eager to please others.  Yes, CRN and Marc Dellins probably had a hand in this, but it is up to our AD to look after the well-being of our team and not put it in impossible situations.

The result:  one blowout loss, one demoralizing loss, both on national TV

The last and most recent example is somewhat troubling.  

CRN was interviewed on radio a couple of days ago and expressed concern about scheduling in the Pac-12, essentially hinting that the conference was misled (it would be interesting to know by whom...) and that playing nine conference games was nonsensical.  I happen to agree with that whole-heartedly, as with the addition of the two teams to the conference there is no longer a round robin.  The question is...where is Dan Guerrero?  Why are his coaches out there speaking out on these issues while he remains silent?  The face of our athletic program, the best program in the country, is...Joe Bruin?

When it comes to football, plenty of athletic directors come forward to defend their program, be it against the BCS, for the BCS, to refute allegations.  Our AD, on the other hand, only seems to come forward for public statements to thank coaches who are on their way out...

What exactly does our AD do every day?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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