Football Spring Practice 4-2-11

Was anyone at Saturday's Spaulding practice???

Ralph had a good interview with CRN...but com'on guys...for we alum on the "right coast" we're jonesing for some info.

I read in J. Gold's blog that he's away and that someone is taking his place..but the dude must have been more concerned with Elton John on Saturday Night Live and was living those lyrics:

Cause Saturday night's the night I like
Saturday night's alright, alright, alright.

For anyone who made it to Westwood for Saturday's practice...please send along your perspective.

BTW - having graduated from a UCLA grad program in '84 and leaving LA in '95, I watch the 'scenery" beyond CRN in Ralph's interviews and notice the number of "new" highrise buildings...I used to watch FB practice from that parking structure before my 7pm night classes!!

The highrise buildings seen from the perspective of Spaulding have increased dramatically since the ' wife graduated from her Master's program in '80 (we took turns)  and that tall brown brick building was the only highrise back then (except for the Library on the North campus). She was at the Neuropsychiatric Institute (as a clinician, not a patient) and that was the tallest building on campus back in the late 20th century. daughter was born "on campus" at UCLA Medical 19 years ago...she forsook (if that's a word) a D3 soccer "scholie" (actually packaged grants-in-aid) and joined the Navy as a "spook". She'll be working intelligence for the next 5 years while getting her undergraduate degree and then OCS. Hopefully, she to will do her graduate work in Westwood...she's only been to the campus 2x since her birth (both on business trips with me). Unfortunately, we don't get west too often.

So brothers and sisters...please send along any "intelligence" on Saturday's practice.

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