Saturday Scrimmage Notes

I went out to Spaulding today to catch our Bruins in their first full scrimmage, hoping to catch a glimpse of next seasons PAC XII champs. I was able to stand right on the sidelines and stand right next to the action which is always a blast. I thought it would have been cool to bring the camera so as to get some photos for you guys, but I remembered last year they got weird when I was taking pictures of offensive sets. And being that today was scheduled for a scrimmage, I decided against it. Although I took some mental notes, hope you enjoy.

Anthony Barr - Previous reports on this guy are 100% correct. He looks huge. Much bigger than last year and can really provide a match up problem if he is used properly. And it was encouraging to see a lot of the offense went through him while he was in there. He ran with ones all day.

Jordan James - Did not get any reps with the ones, but did make nice catch and run when given the opportunity. It was a great juke combined with sliding out of a tacklers arms and moving ahead for about seven more yards he made on his own. I thought it was weird I did not notice him getting any reps with the ones.

Anthony Thompson - Looks lost. He was aloof when his service on special teams was required. I recall a coach saying "what, you forgot?!" Also looked lost during the scrimmage and either missing a tackle or easily letting the play run past him. Although he was getting a lot of reps with the twos towards the end and some special attention from the coaching staff at times.

SPTR - Were reffing the scrimmage. The head of PacX officials was there watching as well. On a number of plays he asked the official right in front of me, "did you see that false start?" "No" "Did you see that defender grab the shit out that receivers jersey?" "No."

Joe Fauria - I can easily tell why the defense is hunting for him. But before calisthenics lines got started, he tried getting the crowd going with something like "Lets go bruins!...." Basically, the dude talked a lot of ish to the defense during the scrimmage, and was in the middle of every skirmish. I definitely recall something like a "you fuckin' suck!" to some defender.

Sam Tai - Looks a little chubby. A red shirt year and time in weight room will do him good. And as Gold already reported, Marvray laid him out causing his helmet to ajar, and got up laughing it off.

Dietrich Riley - Is a gamer. I can tell this dude takes this game very seriously. He did not showcase his playmaking ability today by making a crushing hit or INT, although from my up close vantage point I could see how vocal he was to his teammates about stopping the opposition. He takes it personally to give a first down to the offense. We need more guys like him in our program.

Damien Thigpen -  Dropped a ball that would have gone for a big play and possibly six if he had held onto it. Although he did hold onto a ball which I tossed to him, after it rolled in my direction during a passing drill.

Alex Mascarenas - Will do anything to help the team and see playing time. He started the scrimmage with the ones playing the nickel back and holding his own. From then on saw a lot of action with the two's playing safety. He is the second field goal holder as well. He also broke up a pass from Crissman that lead to a Viney pick and score.

Chris Foster - Was wearing a hat that read "SC Triton."

Sheldon Price - Needs to gain muscle mass.

Kevin Prince - Obviously did not compete in the scrimmage. Although he did look good in seven on sevens. His ball had great zip and accuracy. He was actually wearing a camera on his helmet during this period. A coaching tool? For the press?

Owa - Played a lot with the twos along with Chandler early on. This made life real difficult for Hundley and his ability to move the offense. He probably got a couple sacks, although since the QB is off limits, who really knows. Towards the end he was playing with the ones and twos. Lack of bodies?

Brett Hundley - Looked very shaky early on and was not able to get the offense moving forward. I felt this might have had something to do with Owa and Chandler being on the Dline against the second Oline. It was not all bad though, he did bust a 25+ yard run that resulted in Riley forcing him out of bounds right in front of me. I noticed he did not celebrate the play, but got right back to the huddle to run the next play. He has the right state of mind needed for the QB position. I would have liked to see what he could have done with the first string O.

John Gold - A real cool guy. He came up and said hi after recognizing me from convos at previous practices. I really recommend saying hi to him if you have the opportunity. Nice guy.

Richard Brehaut - Looked great and was obviously the best QB out there. He moved the offense better than I have ever seen it moved. His highlight was throwing a ball on the run, which did not look great but ended up being placed perfectly for Marvray to make a catch for the TD. He displayed a nice shovel pass, and ball accuracy.

Nelson Rosario - Nothing spectacular today from him. He had a chance for a touchdown on a deep pass, but misjudged the ball and ran it short. I really feel like he is the Tyler Honeycutt of the football team. All the tools, just not the right attitude. After the practice when coach Neu was giving his speech and asked for all eyes, I noticed Nelson completely uninterested. A too cool for school attitude almost, combined with horrible body language. Maybe I have him all wrong, just my opinion.

Coach Tresey - Looked to be very vocal during practice

Coach Nue - Did not notice him to much during practice except for yelling out "nice catch" every once in a while. His post scrimmage speech did not have much football talk involved except for emphasizing how the best eleven were going to play. Part of it was him explaining where the food was going to be and that they needed to have some books turned in by Monday, or else.... Maybe thats why Rosario seemed to be interested in being somewhere else. He let Jeff Dickman breakdown the team after practice because he got two INT's with scout team.

The offense looked to be better than last years, but not by too much. I heard others say it went well, and maybe it did. I just did not notice a vast improvement from the last time I saw this team play. The passing game was improved although it still needs some work. The running game looked great and will not be an issue moving forward.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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