Trogan-to-English: They Call Me Cheat

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Despite the persuasive defense of Troy by acclaimed orator Matt Leinart, the public doesn't seem to buy that Southern Cal is entitled to be recognized as champions regardless of their cheating.  So now "Always Cheat" Carroll brings his indisputable logic to the issue.  

Pete Carroll, in the wake of the BCS stripping USC of the 2004-05 national championship, still chooses to remember the players and results on the field.

O. J. Simpson similarly chooses to remember the results on the field, not any extraneous stuff.

"Just watch the comments of the players..." "They know who won, who didn't. [Matt] Leinart and Lofa Tatupu and those guys, they all know."

They also know who went to class, who didn't; who skated on criminal offenses, who didn't; who paid for their own cars, who didn't.  And of course they are objective witnesses in this controversy.

"The whole thing is so unfortunate."

It made me high-tail out of town and take a pay cut in Seattle.

Carroll... expressed frustration over the fact that current Trojans players have been heavily impacted by the NCAA's sanctions

Yeah, they should have just penalized the athletic director and the coaching staff.  Oops, never mind!

"[The NCAA has] to do what they do. They figure out how the thing is supposed to work..." "I don't agree with much of any of it."

I don't agree with them catching me red-handed with a preponderance of evidence.


"I think this is a major challenge for the NCAA," 

This is all their fault.  We were a boon to all humanity. But it will be interesting to see how they can give anyone else the death penalty after giving us the soft treatment.

While we're at it, since we already translated Leinart's compelling discourse, let's also take a look, as Cheat Pete suggested, as Lofa Totupu.  He is quoted here (note the title: USC Trojans: 2004 Football Championship Vacated? Who Cares!)

“I don’t care who does or doesn't acknowledge it,"

Truth, justice, fairness, world opinion, none of them matter.  It only matters how we cheaters view ourselves.

"The men in that locker room, they know the sacrifices we made to attain our goal."

We sacrificed getting a good education.  So we are entitled to keep our championship.

“You want to take away the trophies? Fine, you took away the trophies, but take these kids off probation," Tatupu said.

They were all recruited fully within the rules by Mr. Compliance, Lane Kiffin, and his straight-arrow sidekick, Ed Orgeron.  So they are entitled to deprive other conference schools of a title.

I think Fox has it right when he says clients should keep their mouths shut, lest they make their position even less defensible.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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