SEC Votes to Limit Football Coaches From Oversigning H.S. Students to Scholarships

While it's unclear exactly what impact it will have, the presidents and chancellors at Southeast Conference Schools have voted to limit their football coaches to signing 25 scholarship players between December 1 and August 1 every season. This is according to an article in Education Week, who reported that the conference's coaches unanimously opposed the measure. 

The article reports:

With the new rule, SEC football coaches will be allowed to sign 25 new players between Dec. 1 and Aug. 1 of each year. The previous 28-scholarship limit had applied only to players signed between the February national signing day and the end of May—a loophole some SEC coaches egregiously exploited in order to sign 30+ players in a class.

Grayshirting will still be allowed.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive said:

"No one wants to win more than I do," Slive said, according to The Birmingham News. "But you don't want to win at the expense of young people. You want to win for them."

The article concludes:
The SEC now plans to file a motion to NCAA President Mark Emmert to suggest that the NCAA adopts the new 25-player cap as a national standard. Two years ago, the SEC first enacted the 28-scholarship cap; the NCAA passed it as a national standard earlier this year.

It's unclear what impact the SEC ruling will have on UCLA specifically. Off the top of my head, we haven't been in on too many SEC recruits. But generally speaking, if SEC schools were signing on average 28 players and are now limited to 25, that's 36 SEC-level recruits who will need to find other conferences in which to play. The ripple effect could find more talented players interested in UCLA. If the SEC's motion to the NCAA gains traction, the ripple effect would be even greater. This does not have the impact that limiting scholarships to 85 had (in the era when top schools were hoarding 125 football players) but it's worth noting nonetheless. 


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