This Week in Concern Trolling: Maya & Foster’s Hackery

To regular readers here Adam Maya from the OC Register should be well known figure. He is a Trojan hack, who over the years have repeatedly launched classless attacks on UCLA's football program while posing as a "beat reporter." I usually don't pay much attention to anything he writes. But I couldn't pass the opportunity to take note of his latest concern trolling about UCLA's ongoing QB competition.

Adam based on the scrimmage plays suggests that Richard Brehaut has not been given a fair shot during the training camp (sorry won't give this garbage any link):

Richard Brehaut capped off a stellar training camp with a stellar performance in Saturday's scrimmage, guiding the UCLA offense up and down the field at ease. But there was a glaring catch (or lack thereof):

When not one of the eight plays was a pass during a well-executed touchdown drive with the first team, Brehaut's lone series with that unit and his most extensive time with it all of training camp, it begged the question: Was a pass even called?

Brehaut shook his head no, but added he was allowed to "check every play and get us into the right call." UCLA ran the ball beautifully on the drive, but then why not at least give Brehaut another series to sling it?

The responsibility of changing calls is a small consolation to not getting the chance to attempt a single pass with the first team. This ultimately speaks to a bigger issue: Brehaut has not been given a true chance to win the starting job this fall.

This is especially puzzling given that he has clearly outplayed Kevin Prince in training camp. From accuracy and timing, to the mid-range and deep throws, to fewer dropped balls and interceptions, Brehaut has been better.

Actually, the only thing that is puzzling right now is how does this guy continues to get press passes to UCLA sports related events?

This guy is making accusations of unfair practice based on designed conservative play calling at a scrimmage? Couple of more reasons, Maya's concern trolling is so absurd. First, note the drive he is using to concern troll around. Uh, it was a "well executed" drive that resulted in a TD. One of the things coaches were looking from Brehaut this Fall was whether he could manage the team without feeling the need to slinging his arm. That is exactly what Brehaut sounds like he did in that drive. From all the reports I read, he was in total command during that drive, calling the right plays and on one occasion keeping the ball for a nice 4 yard gain.

Second, Maya provides no evidence beyond that to make the case that Brehaut has not gotten a fair shot. Brehaut got equal time with the 1s at Spaulding yesterday. He methodically earned his shot to run with the 1 after building on his performance through the camp. He probably would have gotten a little more opportunity if he didn't have to miss two days of practice due to ankle sprain (and coaches were correct to be cautious with injury). So, what is Maya doing is nothing more to generate controversy and he has done it all throughout his pathetic career as "beat reporter" in Westwood.

So, once again when you read cr*p like this, take it with a grain of salt. By the way, speaking of concern trolling Chris Foster, who is apparently desperate for negative content is ran a piece on UCLA not paying it's assistant coaches enough. What Foster didn't include in his zeal of hackery, was the context if Norm Chow's $500K is included in the budget, it undercuts the premise of his piece about UCLA not paying coaches enough. Moreover, it is conceivable that if the new batch of coaches step up and become marketable, Rick Neuheisel will have more than a reasonable argument to boost their salaries, with chunk that had been allotted for coaches like Chow. So the current pay budget is a result of circumstances that wasn't due to UCLA wanting to go cheap with assistants.

Anyway, not sure why I just wasted my time pointing to misinformation from  these two beat reporters. Given their track record in recent years, should be clear to anyone following our program closely, everything you read from them should be taken with a grain of salt.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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