Bruins In Exile: Houston Watch Parties Around The Country

Bumped. Not everyone is going to be able to get out to Texas. So if you know of alums getting together watching the game in your neighborhood please share in this thread. Go Bruins. - BN Eds.

The UCLA Fan Section

Photo Credit: Todd Dwyer (flickr)

We know that there are plenty of Bruins in exile here on BN. Bruins are spread across the country and even around the world, but on Saturdays in the fall we're all in search of one thing and that is a place to watch the game with our fellow Bruin brothers and sisters. For those of us lucky enough to be in the Southland, that place is the Rose Bowl, but that's only a fraction of us.

For the rest, it's a bit of a scramble as Bruins try to find a place to watch the game. That's one of the perks of the interwebs though. They are not just a gathering place to gather, share and discuss UCLA news, but a place to make plans to actually gather in person to watch game.

With that in mind, consider this your official watch party organization thread. If you go to or know of a place where Bruins gather to watch games, share it below and we'll add it up here so your Bruin brothers and sisters will know where they can meet up to watch the game in whatever city they may be in. If you're looking for a place to watch the game wherever you are, chime in and if you want to start a weekly watch party in your city, this is a good place to get it going so share below. 

Links to Mapquest are included to make sure nobody gets lost and misses kick off.

  • Phoenix: Goldie's Sports Cafe at 10135 E Via Linda, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 - Map
  • Denver: Irish Snug, 1201 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO. (ht gbruin) - Details, RSVP - Map
  • New York City: Dempsey's Pub, East Village on 2nd Avenue, between 3rd and 4th Street - Map
  • Washington, DC: Laughing Man Tavern, 1306 G St. NW (Steps from Metro Center metro station). Details, RSVP. Map.
  • Boston: McFadden's, 148 State Street Boston, MA 02109, Map
  • Bethleham, PA: Starters Pub, 3731 Route 378, Bethlehem, PA 18015, Map.
  • Chicago: Joe’s Bar, 940 W. Weed Street Chicago, IL 60622Map.
  • Walnut Creek: Stadium Pub, 1420 Lincoln Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA 94956Map
  • Palo Alto: The Old Pro, 541 Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA, Map.
  • San Francisco: Pete's Tavern, 128 King St., San Francisco, CA, Map.
  • Westwood: Barney's Beanery, 1037 Broxton Avenue, Westwood CA, Map [But do you really need a map for Westwood?]
  • South Bay: Tavern on Main 123 Main Street El Segundo, CA, Map.
  • Orange County: Newport Rib Company, 2196 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, between Victoria & Wilson on the East side of Harbor BlvdMap.
  • San Diego, Hooters, 1400 Camino De La Reina, Ste 115, San Diego, CA Map.

Also, keep an eye on our Facebook Fan page. Folks are posting information there as well on game watching parties.

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