Pics and Clips of Shabazz, Kyle and More From the Boost Mobile 24 All Star Game

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Hey All,

Since I did take the short trek to Venice Beach this past weekend, I thought I might as well try to document the event for those who didn't make it.

Course, I almost didn't make it in time.  It was pretty crowded when I got there about 45 minutes before it started..

Aug 2011 257

Aug 2011 263

These security guards finally started letting people in at 4pm, when the game was supposed to start, 20-30 people at a time.  I think I was one of the final groups to make it in.

Of course, I found out later that part of the reason it was delayed was because this guy, Mitch McGary, shattered the backboard prior to my arrival and required a brief trip to the hospital and 37 stitches before coming back for the festivities (and so I could take this photo).

Aug 2011 375

Here's a link from ESPN showing his incident.

Also, while I was waiting to get in, look who else arrived to watch the game!

Aug 2011 265

That's none other than Kevin Durant!

Speaking of Kevin...

Aug 2011 302

That's UCLA's star alum Kevin Love using part of his NBA Lockout time as an assistant coach for this game!

I had never been to a Street Ball type of game like this before, but if you haven't had the chance either, I'd highly recommend it just for the fun factor.  I do believe Venice Beach was the site where White Men Can't Jump was filmed.

But this was Street Ball at its finest, not only with the All Stars and NBA pro's such as John Wall and Brandon Jennings...

Aug 2011 313


Aug 2011 378

The entire game was announced by a dude who would prance around the middle of the court calling each player by his nickname, such as Kyle Anderson, who was referred to as "Slow Mo" or Shabazz Muhammad, "The Real Deal."

Speaking of which, here's a pic of Shabazz after the game.  If you haven't seen this guy, he's really built to deserve his nickname. 


Aug 2011 376 (via Go Bruinz)

Oh, so besides the dude announcing all the players with their nicknames intermixed with a random "Boomshakalaka" and other interjections there was a DJ mixing tunes while the players were running.

They even had Boost Mobile fly girls (although I think they called them something different), dancing to favorites such as BBD's "Poison", Vanilla Ice, and MC Hammer:

Aug 2011 297

The halftime show featured The Rejectz and Jamie Foxx made a guest appearance of sorts.  I uploaded a video of him for those interested -- here is the video.

Well, by now, you must be wondering about the basketball...  As you probably know by now, both Shabazz Muhammad and Kyle Anderson were named MVPs (as well as Aquille Carr and Justin Anderson, who as far as I know, are not potential UCLA recruits).

Anyways, without further ado, here is one pic of 3 out of 4 of the MVPs and a few videos.

Shabazz Muhammad is #23 in white.

Kyle Anderson is #32 in purple.

Aug 2011 373

I just realized that I only have videos of Shabazz...  oops!

I can't seem to embed them, so here are links:

Aquille Carr #7 to Shabazz Muhammad #23

Shabazz Dunk From Under The Rim

and my favorite...

Shabazz Windmill Dunk

I have a couple other photos I put up here if you want to see more.  I didn't find out who most of the others were since they were only announced by their nickname and they didn't have them listed by their numbers in the brochure.

Hope you enjoyed the pics/videos!  And hopefully, if you haven't already, someday you can enjoy a streetball event like I did too.

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