Spaulding Roundup - Wait, Who is Kicking?!

Wednesday's practice was relatively quiet, with no earth shattering news.

Kevin Prince took the majority of the reps with the first team, including the two minute drill.  He looked crisp, along with Richard Brehaut.

In yesterday's roundup, we mentioned that Kip Smith left practice early due to a hip flexor.  While Smith says that he will be fine for Texas, Coach Rick Neuheisel brought in his latest kicking ringer for a one day tryout.  His name is Tyler Gonzalez... and he is the manager of the soccer team.

Details after the jump.

Who is Tyler Gonzalez?

Gonzalez, a senior who last kicked at Fullerton High school, kicked early in practice, making an extra-point attempt and a 40-yard field goal, but also had a 30-yard attempt blocked by Joe Fauria. He finished practice with a 40-yard field goal at the end of the two-minute drill, drawing a rousing ovation from the team.

Smith did not dress for practice, and probably will not kick in tomorrow's practice. He is looking like a game-day decision.  Jeff Locke did kick a bit during practice:

Locke, who also handles kickoffs, has been reluctant to add field-goal kicking to his duties. He kicked Wednesday, however, hooking an extra point wide right before making an extra point, a 30-yard field goal and a 40-yard field goal.

Joe Roberts, the backup, is not available due to a quad injury and hasn't practiced in over a week.  Our emergency kicker may be Glenn Love, as he kicked a few PATs after practice.  If Smith can't kick field goals on Saturday, we'll just have to score a LOT of touchdowns so we can kick some "easier" PATs or just go for 2.  Got that, offense?

Overall, practice had a "good focus" according to Gold, with a "sharp passing game."  This is in stark contrast to a week ago, when Neuheisel ended practice screaming that he "can't be the only one that cares."

As for other injuries, the training staff only had a few issues to handle.  Tony Dye was still wearing the red no-contact jersey in practice, and Jared Koster sat out practice due to neck problems.  X-rays were negative, and he is scheduled to undergo an MRI.

On the coaching front, Defensive Coordinator Joe Tresey will call plays from the sideline on Saturday.  For Houston, he was in the coaching box, but was on the sidelines for SJSU.

"There’s a comfort level with me being down there and able to talk to them and being able to make adjustments," Tresey said. "Sometimes it’s better to look into someone’s eyes and get a read on how they feel."

Clark Lea is now the "eye in the sky."  Anything to help Tresey connect with the defense and get them to play with full effort is welcome.

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