Oh, and about that "Feasibilty Study"

I have a few unanswered questions:

1. Who is conducting this study?
2. What is its scope?
3. What is the timeframe for completion?
4. What segments of the UCLA community will be solicited for their opinion?

Maybe you have some questions, too.

Those are just a few off the top of my head.

There needs to be more communication and involvement with students and alumni about this feasibility study. I feel like DG is just throwing this out there to placate us. Does he just expect us to trust him after all of his failures.



Bruin Bro, I think you are probably right, but if we, in fact, do represent 10% of Bruins, I consider that a large percentage. 10%, with a strategy, planning and execution, should be able to make an impact on the direction of UCLA athletics. 10% just bitching and moaning (while sharing some great insight) is probably not going to amount to much. The questions is, are we going to sit back and hope for the best, or our we going to take the bull by the horns, get better organized, formulate a strategy and demand the change we expect? The problem is "we" don’t get paid/will not get paid for this expression of passion for our beloved school. So, it will amount to someone willing to make that sacrifice and rally the troops a la the Ole Miss Forward Rebels! organization (link here). It appears the groundwork has been laid. Perhaps we don’t have to recreate the wheel on this one, just tweak it a little.

A few choice pulls from the "About The Forward Rebels" section of the Forward Rebels! website:

Why the Culture of Apathy?

The Passion is Still Alive

It Begins with Unity Among Fans

Communication is a Two-Way Street

How We Will Make It Happen

They have a plan.

We don’t.

When are we going to get a plan and execute it?

I can only sit back and watch (post a few comments from time to time) without getting frustrated because I don’t see a strategy going forward.

Without a strategy and a leader, I’m afraid we are no different than our football and basketball teams: a lot of talent and a lot of underachievement. BN creators and moderators, you do a heck of a job. We need to take the next step and the time is now. We need to take a little of the brilliance of this blog and focus it for concrete change. I feel like, until we do, the administration is not going to take any of us seriously. We will continue to be blown off and I, for one, can’t take it any more. Open for comments…

p.s. - It's all been said before by Patroclus here:

Forward Rebels - Ole Miss Alumni Bring Down An Incompetent AD

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