The Morgan Center: Helping You Achieve Your New Year's Resolution

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As we delve into a new year, the age old tradition of having a new year's resolution is on the minds of many. Some vow to quit smoking, quit drinking, save more money and so on. The problem with these resolutions is that, without discipline, they are hard to keep. How often have you found yourself a few months into the year doing what you said you wouldn't do or forgetting to do what you said you would?

Do you want to lose weight this year? Are you a UCLA football fan? Men's basketball fan? Fellow Bruins, the Morgan Center wants to help you keep off those pounds throughout the new year.

Who needs a diet, pills or exercise when you have appetite suppressants courtesy of the Morgan Center?

If you're a Men's basketball season ticket holder, or even a casual game attendee, the Sports Arena is the place to be to shed pounds. Not only is the building ugly enough to make you not want to eat, the team play will induce vomiting! That way, you don't even have to grab a bite before the game. Instead of feeding yourselves burgers, watch ZJ or Jerime feed the ball to imaginary teammates on those turnovers! Miss those sugary snacks? Watch missed free throws instead! do you crave fried foods? Just watch another transformer get fried at the decrepit arena as opposing teams light up the scoreboard! You'll forget you were hungry in the first place. Since the season is still going, you're guaranteed to keep the pound off until March. But what about the sports winter? What to do then? The Morgan Center has the answer for you.

Thanks to Fox Sports Network, watch replays of UCLA fooball AND Men's basketball games for free! Just set up you DVR accordingly. No DVR? No problem! Stay up late and watch midnight showing of (one of many) football horror movies , including the terrifying tale of 50-0. How do the football games contribute to the diet, you ask?

Let's say you're craving some cheese - fatty, calorie rich, salty cheese. How about you watch our Swiss cheese defense from just about any game this season? But wait - they played pretty tightly in the Man I'm Hungry Bowl... That's a non-issue, you see. Just do a search on the internet for Whitney Mercilus and watch him plow through the offensive line. The O-line more than compensated for the defense's failure to perform poorly! Need more reason to keep off the weight? Be inspired by the good ol' Adidas Tech-Fit jerseys. Those unflattering jerseys will have you saying no more to your gut! Just imagine yourself wearing one of those... think about it... exactly. The Morgan Center knows what to do to keep you thin.

Let's say for a moment that none of these things are in your reach. You can't watch any of the games, you're uninspired by the Morgan Center's effort to help you lose weight or you need a quick fix to ruin your appetite. Well fellow Bruins, just take a look here.



<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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