Trogan-to-English: Cheaters not Prospering in the NFL

Now that the NFL season is nearing its finale, it's a good time to see how scandal-tainted Trogans fared in the NFL this year. (Translator's Note: Trogans do not "turn pro," they "move to the NFL." because at Southern Cal they are already pro football players -- without the literacy requirement.)

Let's count down the disappointments:

5. Matt Leinart -- would rate higher but only played part of one game and was unfortunate enough to be knocked out for the year. This prevented him from showing whether his known (from Arizona) character, leadership, and work habits would have maintained the playoff position the team's starter had set them up for.

4. Reggie Bush -- actually had a pretty decent year, but was not a difference-maker enough to keep his coach from being canned. Mouthed off that someday he will break the NFL single-season rushing record (apparently so he will be mentioned alongside his role model, OJ Simpson). Continued to make Khardashian news.

3. Carson Palmer -- quit on his previous team, demanded a trade, got moved to the we-dont-play-by-the-rules-either Oakland Raiders, signed a fat contract, and managed to lead his squad to losses in the final 3 contests, thereby choking a playoff spot and (like Reggie) getting his coach fired.

2. Pete Carroll -- took his team once again to a losing regular-season record, despite playing in a division where he gets the poor Cardinals and the horrendous Rams twice apiece. He scored this accomplishment by cutting his QB (who promptly took his new team to a winning season in a tough division) so he could give the reins to a worse one. A close look at the wins the SChawks had reveals several were against teams suiting up backup quarterbacks. Bonus points for losing his last chance at a .500 season -- to Jim Harbaugh.

1. Mark Sanchez -- like his role model Leinart, his own teammates denounce his poor work habits, entitlement attitude, slowness to learn, and distractedness by outside activities (in his case a supermodel). Like Palmer, choked down the stretch to deny his team a playoff spot --- after they were predicted to make the Super Bowl. Bonus points for losing a vital game to a disappointing opponent who'd fired its coach -- by being outplayed by Bruin Matt Moore.

Cheat Pete and his progeny continue to prove that when the playing field is even, when cheating is unavailable as stock in trade, they may get paid well -- but they hardly earn it.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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