NCAA now under fire over investigation of Shabazz Muhammad. - Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Details on the NCAA Investigation Into UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad & Kyle Anderson

Two key UCLA recruits from the blockbuster 2012 class - Shabazz Muhammad and Kyle Andeson - have been under NCAA investigation. Both have been cleared; Muhammad after serving a 3 game suspension which has already passed, making him eligible for the remainder of the season.

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Abigail Grantstein: Qs About NCAA's "Investigator"

Additional questions have been raised involving the NCAA Investigator, Abigail Grantstein, who is reportedly the lead investigator involved in the NCAA's investigation of UCLA freshman Shabazz Muhammad. Has Bruins Nation discovered the identity of Abigail Grantstein's boyfriend?


BOMBSHELL Report: NCAA Prejudged Shabazz

Blockbuster report comes out from the LA Times indicating that NCAA’s lead investigator may have prejudged UCLA’s prize recruit Shabazz Muhammad, thus corrupting the process.


UCLA Appealing to NCAA for Shabazz Muhammad

The tiring circus freakshow around UCLA's one-and-done mercenary recruit Shabazz Muhammad took another turn today as a new report came out indicating that UCLA is filing an appeal with the NCAA before it reaches a formal decision regarding the scope of penalty on Shabazz. From the LA Times:

UCLA is expected to file a formal appeal with the NCAA on Wednesday afternoon regarding its decision to declare freshman basketball player Shabazz Muhammad ineligible due to a violation of amateurism rules, people close to the situation who were not authorized to speak publicly told The Times.

UCLA's case is expected to be heard before the NCAA appeals committee this Friday, the people said.

If the committee sides with UCLA, Muhammad would likely become eligible immediately.

But if the committee ruled that a violation did occur, the appeal would be denied and Muhammad would have to go through the reinstatement process to regain his eligibility.

Both the appeals and reinstatement processes would be expedited, a person familiar with the situation said, "because the season is now underway," meaning a decision could be reached as early as Friday.

From our understanding this was a two step process:

So it appears that UCLA is appealing the eligibility verdict itself. We thought UCLA would wait for sentencing. But perhaps this is a pro-active move (OMG!) on the part of Dan Guerrero. However, if there was an option to appeal the eligibility decision all along why the heck did Guerrero wait so long?

If the report is right we could know how this fiasco resolves by this Friday. Either way, UCLA basketball is such a heap of mess under Ben Howland right now is that it's unclear whether one-and-done mercenary recruit will solve deeper problems rooted in lack of identity, basic defensive foundation in Howland's sick program.

BTW I mentioned Shabazz's entourage above. It looks like his attorney has released another statement to the press. Yes, that is going to be very helpful to the cause (groan). As I said above, this is a total freakshow circus from all angles.

Shabazz or Shabazz ... no room for excuses for Ben (and Chianti) in what else ... the #NoExcuseTour.



Shabazz to Miss 10 Games?

The LA Times' Baxter Holmes suggests that the suspected nature of the violation the NCAA has used to rule Shabazz Muhammad ineligible will be enough for a 10 game ban, or roughly 30% of our schedule:

According to NCAA guidelines, UCLA freshman swingman Shabazz Muhammad could miss about 10 games for the Bruins before he is reinstated.

That figure is based on the NCAA’s reinstatement guidelines for preferential treatment violations that occurred before an athlete enrolled in a college and information about the violation the NCAA cited when it declared Muhammad ineligible Friday for violations of amateurism rules.

Baxter also suggests that the official ruling on the number of games Muhammad will be able to play, if any, could be announced as early as next week.

A reference, from the article, on the NCAA guideline for punishment on the likely infraction:

4. Value of benefit is greater than $1,000 = withholding of 30% of eligibility for one season of competition and repayment.


NCAA to talk to Shabazz's Parents

According to LA Times:

A timeline for Muhammad's case is unknown, but NCAA investigators were scheduled to interview Muhammad's parents - Ron Holmes and Faye Muhammad - late this week, according to people with knowledge of the situation who were not authorized to speak publicly.

Well it has only been 8 months so it is about time they get around to talking to the key person (Shabazz's Dad) in this whole thing. Hopefully this is the beginning of a conclusion.


UCLA Statement, NCAA found no evidence

The statement from UCLA reads as below, emphasis added (hat tip to Bruin Report Online who broke this):

"UCLA was informed by the NCAA earlier today that freshman guard Kyle Anderson is eligible to play this season, and that the NCAA has found no evidence to substantiate claims of violations in his case. I am grateful to all those who were involved in the process. We are looking forward to opening our season on November 9 against Indiana State at New Pauley Pavilion."

Who was out to get UCLA? And why if there was no evidence did it take so long?

Welcome Kyle!


CONFIRMED per ESPN: Anderson Has Been Cleared

There have been a few reports coming out this morning claiming that the NCAA has finally cleared Kyle Anderson to compete for the Bruins. Now ESPN, via Andy Katz, is confirming that Kyle'e eligibility has officially been cleared, allowing him to play starting with the season opener/reopening of Pauley on November 9th.

That is one player down, and one more for the NCAA to make a decision on, with 10 days until the season opener.


[UPDATED]: Did NCAA Clear Kyle Anderson?

NCAA has cleared Kyle Anderson. CBS Sportslined fired up this tweet just a little while ago:

And then Jordan Adams, another member of UCLA's star studded freshman class confirmed it:

This is good news for Ben Howland, who will need everyone to save his job by winning the Pac-12 and make a run to the Final-4 this season.


UPDATE (N): Hmm:

That's a little odd considering this report from the LA Times. Stay tuned I guess.


Daily Bruin Criticizes the NCAA's Kyle/Bazz Hunt

The Daily Bruin publishes a welcome - but slightly off base - editorial criticizing the slow pace of the NCAA's investigation into the eligibility of Kyle Anderson and Shabazz Muhammad.

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