Pauley under glass - Howard Fromberg

Getting Ready for Opening of "New" Pauley: Videos, News and Notes Roundup

A compilation of video, news and notes around the unveiling of "New" Pauley Pavilion.

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The John Wooden statue is unveiled

While we wait (and wait...) for our Athletic Department to publish something worthy the greatest basketball coach in history (and an even greater human being), here are some early images that are posted on Yahoo. Click here to see several images of the John Wooden statue outside Pauley.

The stern gaze behind black-rimmed glasses, arms crossed, rolled-up program tucked under his arm. John Wooden is now standing vigil outside Pauley Pavilion.
UCLA unveiled an 8-foot bronze statue of the late revered coach on Friday outside its newly renovated arena on the Westwood campus. Wooden's family members, who were consulted by sculptor Blair Buswell, were pleased with how the nearly 400-pound tribute turned out after a few tweaks suggested by Wooden's daughter, Nan.

The sculptor, Blair Buswell, can be seen in one of the images standing next to Coach Howland.

From a first glance, this sculpture looks really nice. I'm sure Coach wouldn't approve being the unbelievably humble man he was, but we know he deserves this and more, and this piece will be a great reminder to new Bruin undergrads trekking from the dorms to campus who may not yet appreciate everything that Coach was and still is.

UPDATE (BN Ed): The official site finally published some photos here but they are not really sharable online. Morgan Center as usual making it difficult for UCLA fans to promote anything associated with Bruin athletics by easily sharing with their friends and fellow alums.


Guerrero Gives a "Tour" of "New" Pauley

UCLA's incompetent athletic director gives beat reporters a "media tour" of the "new" Pauley Pavillion


Pauley Madness Now Free To All Students

UCLA Recreation makes the right decision, opens Madness to all students for free


Charging students and excluding alums?

Charging students and excluding season ticket holders and alumni is bad business. And not surprising.


Bad Business: Charging Students For Pauley Opening

Once again to no one’s surprise Dan Guerrero’s incompetent athletic department makes a tone-deaf and bad business decision to charge students for attendance at new Pauley’s opening night festivities.


Guerrero Killing Coach Wooden's UCLA Circle?

Picture of renovated Pauley indicates that UCLA’s incompetent athletic department may be getting rid of the famous center court logo from John and Nell Wooden Court.

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