PHEW, UCLA Getting Out of Pullman with a Big Win 44-36: Instant Celebration Thread

Bruins get out of Pullman with a big win. - William Mancebo

Instant celebration thread of UCLA’s handling of Washington State in Pullman despite perhaps the worst officiating by an already terrible Pac-12 crew this season.

We are going to have a full recap from freesia in just a bit. In the meantime, we will go ahead and put up an early/instant celebration PHEW thread to mark a pretty big win for the Bruins in Pullman. Bruins are about to finish off Mike Leach's valiant but undermanned Cougars as they lead by a score of 44-36 (boxscore).

What matters here is that the Bruins get out from one of the toughest road trip in the conference (hey, it's hard to get to Pullman) with a pretty convincing win, despite classic SPTRing from Larry Scott's worthless zebras. The score wasn't very close as the Bruins were up by a score of 44-14. Garbage reffing from perhaps the worst officiating crew in the Pac-12 conference (and that is saying something) made us anxious at times in Q4 but it didn't matter at the end.

We all know at this point that the Pac-12 referees are a joke. They are an embarrassment to the game. But what took place in Pullman was beyond pale. If Larry Scott cares about the quality of on field product, he should make sure this crew of jokers do not officiate another game this season.

Of course it is also up to Jim Mora and his staff to make sure we do everything we can to cut down on mental mistakes but there are some calls today they could do nothing against. Our offense was out of sync at times and the defense gave up more than 500 yards against the Cougars. That's not good.

But the bottom line is this. Bruins now have a record of 8-2 (5-2 in the conference) and are on the verge of pulling off a successful season in Coach Jim Mora's first year. But we all know the mission will remain incomplete if the Bruins don't get the job done next Saturday at the Rose Bowl. Let's get the BEAT $C week officially started with an instant celebration thread of our victory in Pullman.


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