Mora Fun with the Internets

I know we lost to Stanford and our basketball team is in the midst of an inexcusable tailspin, BUT . . .

. . .Southern Cal lost to Ucla and Notre Dame in the same year for the first time in 17 years. Kiffy-Koo is officially becoming Paul Hackett (Kiffs and Hackett both lost at least 5 games in 2 of their first 3 years).

This just seemed like the perfect time for another edition of Fun with the Internets. A collection of images from this weekend (more or less) . . .

"Congratulations. This is your giant, steaming pile of shit now, buddy."

"I can stay. Pat told me I can stay. I'm staying. Pat said. I get to keep my office. Pat said. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD. TELL THEM I CAN STAY!"

With its win over U.S.C., Notre Dame punched a ticket to the national title game on Jan. 7.


Thank God this is not true!

"Don't look at me. You guys should have known I was in over my head when you hired me."

"Am I doing it? Do I really look like Touchdown Jesus? You guys wouldn't mess with me because I'm stupid, would ya? Tell me again-how long do I have to stand like this to win a free hot dog?"

"Then, you put you thumbs together, and it looks just like a vagina! heheheheh. See, it's funny because I said 'vagina'!"

"I know their defense is scary, damn it, but you have got to get back in there."

So true.

"They 7-5? Shit. I'm out."

"For the love of God, wipe that smirk off your face. We just lost to Notre Dame at home. Why are you so thick in the head, son? I should have known something wasn't right when your mama dropped you on your head as a baby."

"No, really Brian. Pat Haden stood in my office before the UCLA game and said. "Lane, you are my coach. 150%." I couldn't believe somebody so smart could say something so stupid."

As long as the "end" is 7-5 and a trip to El Paso.

And finally, from Big Lead Sports via Bellerophon:

This will never get old.

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