Random Thoughts on the Arizona Game

1. Like most in the thread, I was concerned with how long we kept our starters on the field. I was very concerned that a frustrated Az team might takes some cheap shots and that we might lose Hundley in an act of retaliation. I really wonder why we left the starters in so late into the game.

Also, from a motivational perspective, I'd think it great to let guys who practice but hardly ever play know that they will get on the field as soon as appropriate.

I'm not faulting Coach Mora -- he is really doing things right, but I did worry about the cheap shots (Az has been a team that has been "dirty" before.)

2. I don't care what RichRod said last week -- Matt Scott was NOT OK when he started this game. We played well, take nothing away from us; but, he was not the same QB we saw at sc

Sure, the NCAA "cares" about head injuries -- to the point of having odd rules like the losing your helmet rule. But, where is that "care" when you have an obviously injured player, last week, who's left in the game. Where is the investigation? The sanction?

I cringed when Scott stayed down. I guess it's the parent in me. I hate to see any kid hurt. And, I hate to see the adults who are charged with protecting them turn away from the obvious.

I am so glad we have a coach who gets it -- that no game is worth the future of one of the athletes in his charge. I'm not sure there are many out there like him.

Parents, the next time someone is recruiting against Coach Mora, ask yourselves "Will he look out for my kid or will he be selfish and look out for himself?" The evidence on Coach Mora is clear. As a parent, I'd trust him -- and few others.

3. OK, so the new rule is throw a pass and get a flag? Yesterday, we saw some of the worst PI calls, EVER. Do you have to let the offensive player catch the ball? Can't you make a play for it? And, we even had a call after the ball was in his hands. And, a call before the ball was thrown. This is absurd.

Also absurd -- how many more penalties the Pac 12 SPTR's are calling. I get it -- call them if they are there. But, replay after replay shows that they are not.

Come on, Commissioner -- you promised to improve things. Yet, we see the same familiar faces making the same familiar bad calls. Enough is enough.

4. I was probably Mike Leach's biggest booster, here. But, I have to say, I wonder about his publicly calling his O Line "cowards" in the press. I guess he knows his team best -- and knows what it needs to hear to get going -- but this bothered me. (It will bother me more if the team responds and beats us.) I guess I should mosey over to the WSU SBN site and see what they are saying. If our coach had done that, I'd not be happy.

But, then, again, our coach would not have done that. He really is a Class Act.

Oh, BTW -- I loved taking the time out for JetSki -- and, let us not forget that it was taken at a time when giving it up might have been very meaningful. In doing so, he was saying two things: JetSki's accomplishment was VERY important. And, that he had complete confidence in his team -- that he'd throw away a time out knowing that the team would have his back.

Coach Mora -- we have it too.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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