Dan Guerrero Makes a "Huge" Statement about UCLA Basketball

I'm thinking of a huuuge bottle of Chianti

Following the ugly win over a bad Texas team, UCLA AD Dan Guerrero shows his pathetic standards for the UCLA Basketball program.

I think many here missed a big nugget after the UCLA Men's Basketball team beat Texas on Saturday.

First, before the game was even played, we saw the UCLA basketball program get compared to a flaming bag of poo.

Second, it was a performance of comical proportions against a bad Texas team, which was exacerbated by the embarrassingly low attendance that was amplified by playing a game in a football stadium. I mean, goodness gracious sakes alive...Michigan State and UNC get to play on an aircraft carrier, we get to play in a huge empty stadium.

But really, after nearly every non-Howler Bruin basketball fan saw that game, along with whoever had the misfortune to watch one of the worst basketball games ever played at the Division I level, our very own Chianti Dan Guerrero apparently stumbled out of the bar to proclaim:

"That was huge," Guerrero, his cheeks rosy with excitement, said as he shook Howland's hand. "That was huge."

This is the man leading our athletic department.

This is the man who supposedly oversees a legendary UCLA Basketball program, a Bruin nonetheless, who is completely clueless as to what is transpiring before his very eyes.

That was huge.

Huge? HUGE?

Huge as in what? As in NC State beating Houston for the 1983 Championship?

Huge as in Cal Poly beating UCLA in Pauley Pavilion?

Or is it huge as in "that saved my ass for another week"?

Apparently the local press in Houston has a different view of the whole thing:

As two of the most underachieving teams in college basketball launched air balls, blew layups and fired pass after pass out of bounds Saturday, the few fans who showed up at Reliant Stadium realized they were watching Texas and UCLA race to self-immolation.

My goodness. Beating a crappy team has now become "huge" for our athletic director. Do we really want this man leading our storied program, and do we want him around to pick its next coach? That's a rhetorical question.

Because, as it turns out, Tiny Elvis is actually now heading the UCLA Athletic Department:

Time for Dan Guerrero to hit the road.

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