Atlanta Fans Are Not Too Amused By Jim Mora's Falcon Comments

The fanshot at SBNation's Falcoholic framed Mora's comments this way:

Jimmy L. Mora Jr. Talking Up His Legendary Falcons Career
The third greatest coach the Falcons have had over the past decade is using his good year in Atlanta to recruit at UCLA, of course doing so in a respectful and artful and not at all crude fashion.

Ouch. Mike Florio of NBC's Pro Football Talk blog (perhaps the most influential NFL blog) read in that industry made the following observation:

It's the latest example of Mora's ability to be blunt and brutally honest. In fact, if he didn't possess that blessing/curse, he'd possibly still be coaching the Falcons. After all, it was a shockingly candid radio interview regarding his desire to return to the Seattle area - and his willingness to dump the Falcons if an opportunity arose at the University of Washington - that contributed to his dismissal.

The comments in reaction to Florio's posts are not pretty. I will share three after the jump:

From wicky888:

Mora is a huge JO. You beat up on a far inferior Rams team. I remember watching that game as a Falcon fan saying ...... this isnt even fair. What happened the next week? You lost to Philly (you also threw your headset on the ground and kicked it like a huge baby like your dad). Then you started 6-2 the following year and took a huge dump the rest of the season, ending up 8-8. The following year was even worse, finishing 7-9, with the highlight being a week 17 loss to Phillys backups. Vick was fighting dogs under your watch the whole time, and you failed to develop him. You were fired in Seattle after one season. You stink. Shut your face.

From CKL:

My favorite memory of him is when he was still in Atl & his dad CORRECTLY noted that Vick was a coach killer. That was awesome.

2nd favorite: when he used a cell phone on the sideline to call about playoff scenarios.

Whoever compared him to Lane K, I agree. Sons who aren't good enough to carry their fathers' names.

From starfan79:

Hell even a blind squirell can find a nut. A playoff win over an 8-8 St Louis team.... Tebow had a playoff win this year. Does that mean John Fox is the greatest coach of all time?

From beckzhere:

Mora could NEVER put together back-to-back winning seasons in ATL. Mike Smith has again and again. Look at the overall record of wins/losses of the 2 coaches and Mora looks incompetent. Mora couldn't even realize that his "star" QB was a sociopath and had zero football IQ.

No thanks Mora, I'll take the new regime over your class of clowns any day.

The comment section overhwhelmingly lit up Mora. There was this one positive one (from goblue714):

I think morra will be a good college coach, kind of the way pete carrol was. You have a beautiful campus and you're in southern california, the place sells itself.

There is that Pete Carroll comparison again which as we have explained before doesn't work all too well given Carroll's extensive experience as a college coach. Either way - it appears the comment from Mora is rubbing the Falcons' fans the wrong way.

Let's hope Mora produces a big season right away on the field and make all of this an afterthought. Otherwise those kinds of comments often tend to bite back.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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