Attn Howlers: Ben Has Recruited Enough Busts & Stiffs to Fill a Smithsonian Wing

Let's take a nostalgic look back all UCLA recruits from 2006-2011 after the jump.

Players in bold are busts and stiffs

Players that are strikethroughs would still be at UCLA but have moved on to greener pastures

Players in itallics are in NBA

2006 – Keefe (4*-bust); Westbrook (4*) was 2 and done for NBA stardom; Belgrade Bricklayer (NR-Howland grabs him when a more sought after Serbian goes pro) winds up as the biggest bust of all because he actually stayed and played for 4 years when not in jail

2007 – Klove (5*) was 1 and done for NBA stardom; and Stanback (4*) left for UNLV so the class was empty by 2008.

2008 (Our would-be “Fab 5”) – Jrue (5*) was 1 and done, but a bust while at UCLA; Morgan (5*-bust); Anderson (4*-bust); Mal Lee (4*- NBA early); Gordon (4*- left/cut during So year). Only remaining stiff is Anderson, and he might be our best player right now, but could have been "Massolied" after stealing laptop.

2009 – Honeycutt (5*) had 1 great game in about 1.7 years of playing time; Moser (4*) was basically handed to Howland on a silver platter when Lute Olson quits a second time, but is unused and leaves only to blow up at UNLV with Stanback; Stover (4*) great on D but cant score; Lane (4*-bust); and Nelson (3*-bust)

2010 – Josh Smith (4*-bust); Lamb (4*-bust); Carlino (3*) leaves before ever playing a game and now starts as PG for BYU; and Zeke (2*) who is actually playing to his 2* expectations

2011 – Norman Powell (4*) who we’re waiting on to do anything/something; De’End Parker (NR-bust) never plays a game and goes home to mommy

Looking back at the last 6 recruiting classes its amazing that Howland has enough scholarship players in the program to go 7-8 deep at all. Essentially, without the Wears (who we need to remember initially spurned Howland when they came out of high school to the shock of many but came crawling back and accepted with open arms when UNC exposed them as the frauds they are) we couldn’t even compete.


Busts (10) – Keefe; Drago; Morgan; Jrue (while at UCLA); Anderson; Lane; Reeves; Smith; Lamb (so far) and Parker

NBA exits by 2nd year (4) – Westbook; Love; Jrue; Honeycutt

Guys who would be in the program now but transferred or left to succeed elsewhere (4) – Stanback, Gordon; Moser; Carlino

Can any of you South Campus people help me with the math?

- 14 players that were busts or stiffs (i.e., failed to do anything while at UCLA and either languished in failure or bolted for stardom elsewhere)

- 3 legit NBA guys

- 2 other NBA guys

- 0 that stayed throughout their eligibility and were drafted by NBA


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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