UCLA 2012 Football schedule - Predictions

UCLA 2012 football Schedule

At Rice- Mora's 1st game, should be an easy win unless something goes wrong. Prediction:UCLA 45, Rice 21

Vs Nebraska- Big game at the Rose Bowl, if our D-line can actually do something this year and stop a very good rushing offense and Mazzone's offense can do some damage then we could win this. It wouldnt be too surprising to have this game be like the one against Texas 2 years ago. Prediction:Nebraska 30, UCLA 27

Vs Houston- Without Case Keenum, Houston might not be too good next year. then again they could be decent next year and give UCLA a hard time. Prediction:UCLA 35, Houston 17

Vs Oregon State- Oregon State isnt too good of a team and i think we should win this one, but it definitely wont be a blowout. Expect a 10 point deficit at the end of the game. Prediction:UCLA 27, Oregon State 17

At Colorado- Depending on whether CU has improved or not, this could very well be our easiest game of the year. It should be a win but even with the new coaching staff i dont think it will be as bad as this year's blowout. Prediction:UCLA 42, CU 17

At Cal- This could be a very good game, but if we can shut down Isi Sofele and Keenan Allen, then we should be the winners. If we cant though, our offense will have to have a pretty good game. Prediction:UCLA 35, Cal 27

Vs Utah- This should be a very hard game because Utah will have a good team next year. This will be one of our hardest games all year and maybe even harder than Stanford. Prediction:Utah 31, UCLA 24

At ASU- By this time in the year we will know which direction Todd Graham has taken the team, but with the loss of many of their star players, this could be a win for the bruins, but homefield advantge may play a big role in deciding this one. Prediction:UCLA 38, ASU 28

Vs Arizona- Rich Rod may be a good coach for the Wildcats in the future, but not next year with the lack of talent on their roster. Expect a good game, but also expect the bruins to eventually pull away. Prediction:UCLA 45, Arizona 28

At Wazzu- Mike Leach was a very good hire, but there is absolutely NO WAY that the cougs will be a solid pac-12 team next year. Prediction:UCLA 34, Wazzu 21

Vs USC- With Barkley back, the Trojans will be a preseason top-5 team next year. They have a super easy non-conference schedule next year and should dominate some pac-12 teams too. Watch out for an upset just like in 2006. The bruins are good in the Rose bowl and they might just show the nation how good they are here. They just need to shut down Woods and Lee. I really really really want to see UCLA terminate USC's National Title chances in this one. Prediction:UCLA 17, USC 10

Vs Stanford- Despite what people have said about the Cardinal next year, i think that they will have a pretty good team again. I think this will be a tough game and that if we don't stop Stepfan Taylor, then their whole game could open up. Prediction:Stanford 35, UCLA 21

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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