Dan Guerrero's Deceiving Wikipedia Bio

Dan Guerrero's Wikipedia Entry is deceiving and creates the illusion that he has accomplished something at UCLA. My commentary is in italics.

On April 25, 2002, Guerrero was named UCLA's Director of Athletics. Under Guerrero's leadership, UCLA remains one of the premier intercollegiate athletic programs in the country. This is very subjective. In the last nine years, UCLA has finished second three times (2005-06, 2006-07, and 2007-08), third twice (2003-04 and 2004-05), fourth (2009-10), sixth (2002-03), 11th (2010-11), and 16th (2008-09) in the race for the Learfield Sports Directors' Cup. We're bragging about 11th and 16th place finishes now?

In Guerrero's first year at UCLA (2002-03), UCLA won four NCAA titles (men's soccer, women's gymnastics, women's water polo and women's softball). The Bruins placed third in men's golf, tied for third in men's tennis and tied for fifth in women's golf and women's tennis. UCLA also earned six conference titles.

In 2003-04, the Bruins won four NCAA titles (women's outdoor track and field, softball, women's golf and women's gymnastics). They also placed second in men's tennis, women's tennis and men's golf, tied for third in women's soccer, tied for fifth in men's soccer and women's volleyball and fifth in women's indoor track and field. In addition, the Bruins captured seven league titles.

Guerrero was named one of the nation's Top 100 Most Influential Hispanics by Hispanic Business Magazine (October 2004) and the May 5, 2003 issue of Sports Illustrated listed him #28 among the 101 Most Influential Minorities in Sports. News flash - 2003 was almost a decade ago. I would have to say he was very influential in sinking the UCLA brand to the level it is at today. He was one of 28 people whose photo was featured on that issue's cover.

In 2005-06, UCLA won two NCAA titles (men's volleyball and women's water polo) and placed second in men's basketball and women's soccer, tied for third in softball, tied for fifth in men's tennis, tied for seventh in men's golf and tied for ninth in women's volleyball and women's tennis. UCLA also won the Vitalis Sun Bowl in football and captured seven conference championships and two post-season tournaments. In 2004-05, UCLA won three NCAA titles (men's water polo, men's tennis and women's water polo) and placed second in women's soccer, men's volleyball, women's golf and softball, tied for second in women's outdoor track and field, fourth in women's gymnastics and tied for fifth in women's volleyball. UCLA also earned its first NCAA post-season appearance in women's rowing (varsity eight) and won eight conference championships. Are we really boasting about the Vitalis Sun Bowl and a 7th place finish in golf and a 9th place finish in volleyball/tennis? Why is this even under Guerrero's Wikipedia entry?

In 2006-07, UCLA won an NCAA championship in women's water polo, the school's 100th NCAA team title, and placed second in men's soccer and women's tennis, third in women's golf, tied for third in men's basketball, women's soccer and women's volleyball, fourth in women's gymnastics, fifth in women's outdoor track and field, tied for fifth in men's tennis, seventh in men's golf and women's indoor track and field, ninth in men's outdoor track and field and tied for ninth in baseball. UCLA played in its fifth straight bowl game in football and won four league titles.

In 2007-08, UCLA won three NCAA championships in women's water polo (fourth straight), women's tennis (first) and men's golf (second). The Bruins finished second in women's golf, tied for third in men's basketball (third straight Final Four), women's soccer (fifth straight College Cup) and men's tennis, placed fifth (tied) in women's volleyball and softball and seventh in women's gymnastics. UCLA also played in its sixth consecutive bowl game and won four conference championships and two league tournaments.

In 2009-10, UCLA placed fourth in the Learfield Cup standings and won its 11th NCAA championship in softball and its sixth in women's gymnastics. The Bruins finished second in baseball and men's water polo, tied for third in women's soccer (seventh straight College Cup), fifth in women's water polo, tied for fifth in men's soccer and men's tennis, sixth in women's golf, tied for ninth in women's tennis, 12th in women's rowing, 16th in men's golf, tied for 17th in women's basketball and women's volleyball and 19th in women's swimming. UCLA also won three conference titles and two league post-season tournaments and the football team won the EagleBank Bowl. In 2008-09, UCLA won its fifth consecutive NCAA women's water polo championship. The Bruins finished second in women's golf, tied for third in women's soccer (sixth straight College Cup) and men's tennis, placed seventh in women's gymnastics and ninth (tied) in softball, women's volleyball and women's tennis. UCLA also won six conference titles.

In June 2010, Guerrero completed a five-year term on the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Committee. As the Chair in 2009-10, he served on the NCAA Advisory Committee. Cool story bro. I know computers that would've done as good of a job.

In 2010-11, UCLA won its 107th NCAA title in women's golf, placed second in women's gymnastics, third in women's water polo and women's tennis (tied), fifth (tied) in men's golf and men's soccer, ninth (tied) in men's tennis and women's soccer, 17th (tied) in men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, softball and women's volleyball and 20th in women's swimming. In addition to his most recent accolades, Guerrero has earned numerous honors in the past nine years. In June of 2007, he was named the NACDA Division I West Region Athletic Director of the Year. His other honors include the UCLA Latino Alumnus of the Year (October 2002); Cal State Dominguez Hills' Alumnus of the Year (March 2003); and "Father of the Year" by the Father's Day Council of the American Diabetes Association (June 2003). On September 10, 2002, the Los Angeles City Council honored him with Dan Guerrero Day. He also became the first athlete in any sport at Banning (Wilmington, CA) High School to have his jersey (#8 in baseball) retired (April 2003). In 2002-2003, I was a freshman in high school and won a bunch of awards too for my accomplishments on my frosh sports team! You don't see me bragging about them online like some kind of tool.

In March 2011, Guerrero was recognized by the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) at the Guardian of the Games Awards Show by presenting him with the Clifford Wells Award for distinguished service to the organization. In April, he was presented with the Crystal Eagle Award by CORO Southern California, an organization that provides training of civic and government leaders. In May 2011, he was honored by the Black Coaches and Administrators Association as by awarding him as the Dr. Myles Brand Administrator of the Year. So the Black Coaches and Administrators Association is giving just about everybody awards now. I've been waiting for my DMBAOTY in the mail. Any day now...

In 2011-12, UCLA is in the first year of the largest multi-year, multi-million dollar contract in school history with adidas, equipment provider for all of UCLA's 24 sports. In 2004-05, he completed a multi-million dollar agreement with ISP Sports (now IMG College), a premier national collegiate sports marketing organization. He has also reorganized the External Relations area, integrating Corporate Sponsorships, Marketing, Development and Sports Information under one umbrella, in anticipation of a major revenue generating initiative designed to address capital project needs, operational support and program endowments. So why hasn't UCLA Athletics felt the benefits of this "multi-million dollar agreement?" Did all this money go to committees, the Pauley renovation and feasibility studies? Or is this funding the Chianti trip?

Guerrero is presently serving a second term on the Executive Board member of the National Consortium for Academics and Sport and is resolute in his desire to support academic achievement and life skills development for UCLA student-athletes. As a result, he has spearheaded unprecedented growth in the Academic Support and Life Skills program at UCLA. During Guerrero's tenure (27 quarters), student-athletes earned 5,703 spots on the Director's Honor Roll (3.0 or higher grade-point average for a quarter) and student development programming, such as the creation of Wooden Academy, and community service activities for the program are at an all-time high. Credit goes to our amazing student-athletes. I'm pretty sure Guerrero can't name 50 of our athletes on the Director's Honor Roll without a cheat sheet.

Guerrero also led the negotiations that solidified the relationship between UCLA and the Rose Bowl, resulting in a $152 million renovation/restoration project that will benefit the Bruin football program for decades upon its completion in 2013. Furthermore, the $136 million Pauley Pavilion renovation project, spearheaded by Guerrero, is slated to be completed by the fall of 2012. Slimy Guerrero taking credit.

UCLA, under Guerrero's direction, continues to enhance its athletic facilities, including the completion of the Bud Knapp Football wing of the Acosta Center, and the sports medicine and athletic performance centers in the same complex. A new golf practice facility and the Easton Softball Stadium renovation, benefiting the Bruins' golf and softball powers, respectively, were completed for the 2004-05 season. The installation of synthetic turf at Spaulding Field was completed in 2006, the final phase of the Acosta Center project (Olympic sport locker rooms) was completed in 2007 and the $16 million Spieker Aquatic Center was completed in the summer of 2009.

Guerrero has extensive experience in committee work at both the NCAA and conference level. He has been a member of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Committee (serving as Chair in 2009-10) and was also a member of the "College Basketball Partnership," a group formed by NCAA president Myles Brand that included many of the most influential people in the sport. He has also served as Chair of both the Pac-10 Athletic Directors Committee, the Budget and Finance Committee, and numerous other Pac-10 committees. He is currently a member of the Nominating, Revenue Sharing, Men's Basketball Tournament, Bowl and Rose Bowl Management committees. He has also served on other NCAA committees, including the NCAA Division I Baseball Committee and the Baseball Academic Enhancement Committee and at the time of his hire by UCLA was serving as the second vice president of the Division I-AAA Athletic Director's Association. I was once on a committee too. We decided that the party should have pizza and donuts instead of cake.

Guerrero is the current president of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), a member of the NACDA Executive Committee, and served as president of the Division I Athletic Directors Association in 2010-11. What is this? Now I feel like he's making this committee and association up?

UCLA is No. 1 in the nation for NCAA team championships (108). Again, taking credit. During Guerrero's tenure at UCLA, UCLA teams have won 21 NCAA team titles (the highest total in the nation in that span) in 11 different sports, and finished second 17 times, with an additional 32 top 5 finishes (70 total). 172 teams (of 207 possible) have qualified for NCAA postseason competition, and the football team has appeared in seven bowl games. The program has also won 46 conference championships in 15 different sports, produced over 460 All-Americans and featured four Honda Award winners, including the 2003-04 Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year. This is all because of our amazing coaches, student athletes and boosters. We should have more championships, more top 5 finishes and more top-tier bowl game appearances. We could've won 21 NCAA team titles in 11 different sports if Gene Block or one of my socks was our Athletic Director.

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Chianti Dan's propensity to claim credit for UCLA's success or other big projects is very well documented here but this has to be an all-time low. Is it just me or does his Wikipedia entry seem like a desperate attempt at rebranding himself as someone who has actually done something? It reads just like a bad resume or an autobiography. Not even Chancellor Block's Wikipedia entry is this outlandish.

I have been flagged for deleting this portion of his Wikipedia entry. Are there any Wikipedia editors/experts who can put the truth out there?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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