1st BN post, special shout out to Tasser10, and regarding CBH...

This is my first post here at Bruins Nation.

I first want to especially thank poster Tasser 10. Respectful shout out to him when I wasnt sure I could join BruinsNation since I'm not an alum. His advice and encouragement convinced me to join. BN'S reputation has truly been well deserved. It offers the best of UCLA sports in general and Bruins Basketball in particular and I'm glad to be a small contributor toward it.

Just wanted to address the story that's captured the NCAA this yr, namely, the treatment Coach Howland has received from the SI article. I'm not for or against. If he flops next season, show him the door. If he delivers the goods then most of the credit will belong to him.

The fact that nameless quotes from gutless ex-players received cred is beyond understanding. Those who didnt like him whispered anonymously while those who respected their time under him publicly said so. Those who got it done in March, from KLove, Lorenzo Mata-Real, and even Mbah a Moute, stepped up for him on the record. That's class and maturity at work.

Part of the blame has to go on the exBruins. Why should the 08-09 players who tanked at the dance get a free hall pass? It's on the players to make the most of working hard, learning what they have to, and of course, WIN. Especially when following ballers who fought their way to 3 straight Final 4s.

I'm not surprised that some here, including those who met CBH, seem to think it's all on him to fall down and fawn all over elite high school preps by stroking their individual egos. But its not a coach's job to constantly praise them anymore than it is a professor's job to overpraise a student. A good coach sets the rules. The immature players are there to learn and step up. The reward? Help the team win in March and you're 1st round. That should be all the motivation a highly rated pick should need. Yes, CBH needs to find the lost magic he had and soon. But for SI to put it on the cliched outdated "personality clashes"....Junk. Blame should go on those ballers who didnt hustle faster, work harder, and instead have tanked since 08-09.

And especially blame those who gutlessly hid behind classless "anonymous" quotes and "players said". Staying in the background means they haven't learned a thing in the pros about class and style. Speak your mind to the coach's face and not behind his back. Lesson is that the others who did well publicly spoke up for CBH. The one's who couldnt get it done dissed him "anonymously". If the players didnt man up on court when it counted, why should anyone be surprised that they still wont man up now by getting quoted on the record? Guess once a pampered prima donna player, always a pampered prima donna player.

Thanks again for the chance to post. I hope to post, respond to other fan posts, and above all else learn from you guys regarding the team you care about more than all the rest. Go Bruins

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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