Observations and Notes from the Scrimmage

If you haven't read IE Angel's scrimmage notes you definitely should check that out. I was sitting in the stands so maybe I can offer a different perspective as I was able to see things differently. I did my best to watch both the offense and defense but I definitely ended up with more offensive then defensive notes. The offense is gonna be fast, fast, fast and should really be good if we can protect the QB. The defense seems to be adjusting to the 3-4 very nicely as I think it fits our front 7 much better then the 4-3. We have a whole lot of players who can contribute and have a real solid 2-deep. I'll give some position breakdowns and of course an update on the QB battle after the jump.

First things first, the QB battle. If the seasons started today, Brehaut is our QB. He has the best command of the offense and is the best pure passer, but Hundley can definitely catch up between now and the end of spring or the beginning of fall. Prince is a clear cut number 3 and I really like Jerry Neuheisel but he doesn't have the arm.

QB- KP had a very easy first drive as Hester bit on a pump fake on the 2nd play and hit Manfro wide open on a double move for 40 yard TD. He was not so good on his drives after that to put it nicely.

Brehaut showed great command of the offense on his first drive as he was able to really go through his progressions and not lock on to his guy and distribute the ball around. He hit Jordon James on a drag route for about 10 yards and it looks like his hands are gonna get him on the field a lot in the slot as well as out of the backfield on the swing pass. He capped off the drive with a 5 yard swing to Manfro for a TD. That gave him two TDs on two drives so ya, I love me some White Mamba. He threw a pick on his last drive which appeared to be a mixup on a route that Hoffmeister was able to easily pick off. Not sure if it was the wrong route by the WR or Brehaut just messed up.

Hundley's first drive was pretty bad. He took a sack, in a real game he would have been sacked again, and then threw a pick to Larimore. Shaq was running a slant that Larimore jumped before Shaq even began his route, it appeared it was more on Hundley then a great play by Larimore. His two minute drill was great as he hit Shaq over the middle who spun and made Larimore and a DB collide which saw the end of Larmiore's day. But it was really great to see some elusiveness after the catch by Shaq. He then hit Lucien on a fade between the soft spot in the zone on the sideline which showed good awareness and recognition. He finished the drive off with a very nice 15 yard TD across the middle to Shaq once again.

RB- Franklin is by far our best back and he showed the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield which was promising. He broke off a 20 yard run and looked good out there. Hilliard looks likes hes been playing on offense for the past four years and is really smooth. He's fast, he's smooth, has good hands and also broke off a nice 20 yard run. I would have him behind Franklin. Manfro is just awesome. He has good hands out of the backfield and wil catch a lot of swings and can also figure in the slot along with Jordon James. He won't get too many carries but he will definitely contribute. Malcolm Jones didn't seem to run with a lot of intensity today. He picked up a 4th and 1 but he wasn't touched until he was 3 yards down field, and got stuffed at the goal line. I really hope he can pick it up and be a reliable short yardage guy. David Allen looks like he's gonna be a real good fullback as he brings the wood and caught two TDs on play action when the offense was working goal line situations.

Y- With Fauria, Bell, and Marvray hurt, Shaq Evans moved to the Y today and showed a lot. I think we can expect to see Shaq outside at WR for the most part but he can definitely line up at the Y occasionally.

WR- Shaq Evans had a good day but was playing out of the Y, but I think that he can be legit #1 receiver. Lucien was relatively quiet as he was only targeted once, but did nice working back to the ball and is just silky smooth and has great hands. Jerry Johnson looks really quick and fast out there and should be a good red zone target and figure in as the 3rd receiver very nicely. Jordon James and Manfro will play in the slot as well as RB and both bring a similar package but Jordon James is simply better. He's faster, shiftier, has better hands, and as great a story as Manfro is, he will be behind James.

OL- From left to right it went XSF, Baca, Brendel, Cid, and White. Looked good as a unit. I didn't really pay much attention to individual's in 11s but there wasn't too much pressure although a more consistent push on the zone plays inside would definitely be encouraging. No bad snaps so it's good to see that Brendel was able to fix that from last week. In 1 on 1s however, XSF and Baca were definitely the best and will be our best OL this year. Brendel grabbed a handful of Brandon Willis twice in a row, who I will have more on in a second. Cid held his own, and Torian White was very much a freshman. Made a mistake, Klemm helped him correct it and looked good a few times in a row, then gets beat on the same technique he messed up the first time. Kid has potential through the roof but we will see if the staff is willing to go through the growing pains with him this year.

DL- Brandon Willis is by far the best DL on the team. I know everybody is excited about the arrival of Zeus Mccarthy and I am too, but Brandon Willis needs to be on the field. He has the athleticism to possibly slide outside to DE but I think he's our starting DT all year. Datone Jones appears to have that step back and looked good, and Cassius Marsh is really really quick for his size. Owa at times looked like a beast we thought he'd be, but then got destroyed because he forgot to use his hands. Espenesa is massive and will help eat up blockers against the run.

LB- Damien Holmes and Kennan Graham look great at OLB. They are both big enough to set the edge against the run, but quick enough to get to the QB as well and should be our starters. The only question is how well they can cover which wasn't really tested all that much. Larimore looks so much better and quicker and Kendricks is a play making machine. He is a clone of his brother Mychal which should make all of us absolutely giddy. Our depth at OLB is weak right now due to injuries, but at ILB Bowens looked good and should bring some good depth and we all know AO brings speed at LB that change things.

DB- By far the unit hit hardest by injuries, but our starters looked good. Hester bit on the pump to allow Manfro the long TD but was really good besides that. Price and Hester both LOVE this press that they are finally allowed to run and they are really good at it. Tevin McDonald is just so smart and so quick back there that he is able to get in position and take away throws that result in lots of check downs and sacks. McKay looked good in run support but is not the most instinctive player. My hope is that Abbott can come back from his knee surgery fully recovered by fall camp and win the spot opposite of TMac. Marcus Rios looked pretty good at the nickel and made some nice plays and could figure into some playing time.

That's all I got, hopefully we can get some players back and finish off spring camp with a bang and build some momentum going into the summer. Hope it all makes sense, and Go Bruins!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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